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7 Tips for Putting Green Care

7 Simple Tips to help Keep Your Putting Green in Great Shape

Your synthetic putting green offers significant advantages over natural grass, such as there’s no need to worry about costly and time-consuming activities like watering or seeding, feeding or weeding. But although synthetic lawns of Florida are much easier to care for than natural grass, that doesn’t mean they’re maintenance free. Here are a few steps you should take to keep your putting green looking its best:

  • – Keep leaves and other yard debris from collecting on the surface; a leaf blower is a great tool to use for this task.

  • – Use a brush specifically designed for synthetic grass to keep your putting green looking fresh and performing the way it’s supposed to. Regular brushing helps keep the fibers from becoming matted and also keeps the upper layers of infill as level as possible.

  • – Rake your turf regularly to prevent matting and help prevent infill from becoming compacted. Like turf brushes, most manufacturers offer rakes specifically designed to be used on their products.

  • – Sweep your turf regularly to remove leaves, dirt, and other debris to prevent them from becoming stuck in the infill and to keep them from providing a basis for mold growth.

  • – Scrub and condition your artificial putting green on a regular schedule to keep it as clean as possible and ward off mold, which is much more likely to grow on a surface that’s been allowed to become dirty. Mold spores can lodge in particles of dirt and oil, making regular cleaning an important part of your maintenance routine. Use cleaning fluids that are especially designed to clean and protect synthetic turf surfaces.

  • – Keep some chewing gum solvent on hand to easily remove gum that’s become stuck or ground into your putting green.

  • – If your putting green ends up developing mold (this can occur after prolonged rain, especially if your green is in a shady location,) treat the surface with a mold removal product specifically designed for synthetic turf.

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