Artificial Grass Cost – Is Real or Artificial the Better Choice?

October 1, 2015
October 1, 2015

When it comes to artificial grass cost it is important to consider everything. Not every decision in life comes down to money, however this is often a primary determining factor when making large investment choices such as a home, business or vehicle. Owners want quality and durability balanced with a price tag that appeals to their wallet so it is important to evaluate ALL the associated costs during the decision-making process. When it comes to your home or business lawn, there are actually two major options with distinct differences that affect time and cost investment.

A natural grass lawn is the traditional choice that is still very popular among home owners because it is what everyone knows; however, owners are also aware of the constant maintenance, repair and landscape costs that come with this. They are in the yard every week raking, mowing and replacing patches that have died due to overuse by the pets or kids. In addition, the installation of natural sod involves a minimum of 10 or more steps which requires time and money on your part and it is a never ending cycle dependent on weather and the environment.

When you look at the alternative which is artificial grass then you have an initial high costs but almost no recurring maintenance costs because this product does not die, wear down or react adversely to weather, kids or pets. In fact, you can have this professionally installed quickly with just a couple of steps and a warranty that protects it for about 10 years which is not something you will find with any natural product. It is important to sit down and discuss the process of each product with the industry experts and allow them to walk you through a general breakdown of the costs so that you have a visual of short and long term investment needs. While it is safe to say that the natural grass option is cheaper up front it is much more of a drain over the long period of time than the artificial sod. But, the total ROI of artificial sod is 20% and breakeven point of natural vs. synthetic grass is 3.5 years. The cost analysis cannot be ignored and if your goal is to spend money wisely so that you have time and cash to spend in other places then this needs to be your first question when considering the choices.

From install to support, the lawn industry experts can show you all the reasons why you need to install artificial grass instead of the natural choice that everyone else may still be struggling with!

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