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Artificial Grass That Your Dog Will Love

If you are a pet and a homeowner then you know sometimes that these two things don’t go together very well. Dogs make great companions and playmates for the kids but can wreak havoc on the yard so that you have to spend your weekends repairing the damage or trying to train them not to do what comes natural. Now there is a solution with artificial grass for dogs that is affordable and durable for the owners!

Artificial Grass for Dogs

  • Wear and Tear

    :It is a well-known fact that dogs love to dig and bury their toys but the fake grass makes that difficult to do because it is resilient and cannot be torn up as easy as natural sod. This artificial turf is durable, tough and can withstand the majority of pet behavior eliminating holes and dead grass areas in your yard. It is also easy to keep clean so no more messy areas or stained spots.

  • Eco-friendly and Safe

    : One of the key benefits to this artificial turf is that it is safe and dog friendly so you don’t need to worry about them trying to roll around in it and play. There are no harsh chemicals that would affect their skin or fur and it is 100% recyclable making it a great foundation for pets and kids to play on. And yes, they can go potty on it. Pet urine will not stain the turf and the other stuff simply needs to be scooped just as you would if it was on natural grass.

  • Cost

    : Artificial grass is a solid long-term investment that requires less care and maintenance than natural grass especially over the years. You never have to worry about watering, mowing, weeding or replacing dead areas again. This is one of the biggest money pits in owning a home because for real grass it is never ending. Typical payback period for an investment in synthetic grass vs. natural grass is 3-5 years so you end up saving thousands of dollars in the long run. Fake grass can last 12-15 years with none of the maintenance costs during that entire time frame.

The professionals can easily provide you an estimate for your location today and their technicians can have your new yard installed in no time at all allowing you to have a yard that is pet and kid friendly as soon as possible! Watch at how much fun they will have playing on the soft and lush grass that is easier on your wallet and on your weekend time!

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