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- Artificial Grass in Florida | Modern Landscaping Ideas

Artificial Grass in Florida is a great way to have a beautiful, green, well-maintained lawn all year long. But did you know that synthetic turf can also be used for so much more?! There are tons of fresh ways that you can utilize artificial grass to make your front and backyard the best on the block. Enhance your lawn and boost your curb appeal with these modern landscaping ideas using artificial grass in Florida!

3 Artificial Grass in Florida Landscaping Ideas

1. Rooftop Garden

Rooftop gardens are the perfect place to enjoy a spectacular view and bring the feel of summertime in the city into your very home. Keep your rooftop garden modern and casual by incorporating artificial grass into this fun outdoor living area.

artificial grass is florida ideas

2. Checker Design

A contemporary checker design using artificial grass and tiles as the squares is a great way too give depth to a small backyard. Not only does it help your yard appear bigger, but it looks like a European-style garden as well.



3. Add Pops of Color

Liven up your yard by integrating artificial grass in Florida with vibrant outdoor furniture. Color combinations add extra zest and makes any home feel like a tropical paradise. Orange, yellow, and blue are all colors that look great with a lush synthetic lawn.

modern patio ideas with artificial grass in florida

Add one of these ideas to your yard by calling Southwest Greens! We can give you’re a fresh perspective and a personalized solution for any and all of your synthetic turf needs! Contact Florida’s largest supplier and installer of artificial grass today!

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