Artificial Grass in Florida | Will My Pets Damage My Turf?

August 22, 2017
August 22, 2017

We’ve all seen the old television shows with the dog digging the backyard to hide a bone. And we’ve all seen the reaction from the owners freaking out over all the damage. Well, with artificial grass in Florida, your pet’s rough housing is no longer an issue.

Can My Dog Dig Up My Artificial Grass?

Luckily, you will not have to deal with holes in your backyard! Artificial grass is sturdy and durable. So, your dogs and any other welcome furry friends can rough house and have fun with no concern on your behalf.

Can My Dog Do Its Business on Artificial Grass?

Pet waste will not negatively affect your artificial grass. It is also easy to clean. Plus, Southwest Greens lays artificial grass to irrigate properly. So, urine will not puddle, nor will it stain the affected area. To ease your mind, you can introduce a specific spot in your yard for your pet. This will make it simpler to clean up and can be assigned to be discreet so that you can always show off your nice lawn.

is artificial grass in florida a good idea with pets


Can My Dog Chew on Artificial Grass?

It can be pretty difficult to watch your dog’s doings every second. So, there’s a possibility they’ll get their paws on some grass. They’re simply curious about what they’re playing on. However, we do suggest minimizing the ingestion of artificial grass because it is not a natural product and may have other consequences if swallowed.

Curious About Artificial Grass in Florida?

Southwest Greens supplies the highest-quality artificial grass. Approved by golfer Jack Nicklaus, we can provide beautiful, at-home putting greens or a new play area for your kids and pets. So, contact us today to learn more about our products!

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