Artificial Grass in Florida | Top 3 Uses for Artificial Turf

January 30, 2018
January 30, 2018

As more and more people are getting tired of spending hours doing yard work to keep their lawns looking nice, artificial grass is becoming more popular. Let’s take a look at the three most popular uses for artificial grass in Florida.


Tired of constantly having to mow and water your grass? Artificial turf eliminates the majority of lawn maintenance while always keeping your lawn looking lush and green. All that is required is some basic low-level maintenance every once in a while to keep it clean and keep the blades sticking upright.


Your pet can also take advantage of the artificial grass. Think about the wear and tear your pet does to your grass. Digging in it, tracking dirt and mud in the house, rolling around in it and getting dirty. None of those things can happen with artificial grass. They won’t tear your lawn up, and it will be easier for you to clean up after them.

Who installs artificial grass in Florida?


How many times have you played on a field where the grass was in terrible shape? Whether it’s from excessive use or the weather natural grass playing surfaces can become damaged fast and require extensive maintenance to maintain. Artificial turf can withstand significantly more traffic and usage than natural grass and won’t be affected by the weather. It can also be safer when it comes to falls.

Are You Interested in Artificial Grass in Florida?

If you are thinking about artificial grass for either your home or sports complex, Southwest Greens has you covered. Contact us today to learn more.

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