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- Artificial Grass in Miami | How Do I Play Bocce Ball On My Synthetic Lawn?

Artificial grass in Miami is an easy and effective way to make your backyard more fun than ever before. This is largely to the plethora of lawn games that can be played on it. While games such as badminton, horseshoes, bocce ball, and a wide range of other activities would have destroyed your natural lawn, these games can be enjoyed while your synthetic lawn stays in tip top shape. Are you ready to have a blast on your artificial grass in Miami? Then keep reading to learn how to play the ultimate lawn game: bocce ball!

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How to Play Bocce Ball in Artificial Grass in Miami  

Step 1: Get a bocce ball set. The standard bocce set should contain 8 colored balls (bocce balls), 4 balls each to a color, and one smaller ball (the jack).

Step 2: Pick your teams. There should be an even number of people on each team and can be played 1 versus 1 all the way up to four players on each team.

Step 3: Have a player from either team throw the smaller ball onto the bocce ball court. If they fail to get it into the prescribed zone, which is specified on the artificial turf, then the other team throws out the jack.

Step 4: After a team successfully throws the jack, the same team throws out the first bocce ball. The aim is to throw it as close to the hack as possible. The second team then does the same.

Step 5: Whichever team threw their bocce ball the farthest away from the jack get to throw their remaining three balls in a row, again trying to get it as close to the jack as possible. The second team then throws the rest of their balls.

Step 6: Measure which team’s bocce ball is the closest to the jack. The closest team will then get points based on a scoring system.

Step 7: Teams switch ends of the court and continue playing until a team gets 12 points. The first team to 12 points wins!

Now that you know how to play, it’s time to have fun with your family and friends with a game of bocce ball on artificial grass in Miami. Synthetic grass bocce courts are an excellent playing surface compared to natural grass, clay, or sand which requires constant maintenance. Contact Southwest Greens to get your bocce ball court made out of artificial grass in Miami installed today!

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