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January 31, 2019
January 31, 2019

One of the biggest reasons many people switch to an artificial lawn is that maintenance becomes a thing of the past. No more watering, pesticides, or dry spots.

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Lower Water Bills


One of the biggest advantages of having an artificial lawn is the elimination of watering. This is especially advantageous for those who also live in very hot and dry climates. Water scarcity is a major problem in the southwest United States, and by not using water for your lawn, you can also help preserve water for the community.


No More Pesticides


Traditional grass lawns regularly require the use of pesticides and fertilizers for upkeep purposes. The downside of keeping it nice and green is that those chemicals also send poisonous runoff into water supplies, polluting drinking water and destroying natural habitats. Installing an eco-friendly artificial grass lawn, instead of a real grass one, can potentially make a significantly better environmental effort to further enrich our planet.


Healthy Grass All Year


Unlike real grass, artificial grass retains a green, healthy appearance all year round. No more withered lawns in winter or dry fire hazards in summer – your lawn retains a vibrant green hue from the day you install it. And with many styles and textures to choose from, artificial grass has never looked so much like the real thing as it does now


Artificial Grass Miami


Southwest Greens are the experts at fitting the perfect artificial lawn for your needs. Call today if you have any questions about our range of turfs.


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