Artificial Grass West Palm Beach | Signs That You Have Poor Quality Fake Grass

April 19, 2019
April 19, 2019

When shopping for artificial grass West Palm Beach, it is important that you know how to spot poor quality fake grass for the very simple reason that buying artificial grass doesn’t come cheap. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of settling for the cheapest one but little do they realize that what they were actually doing was compromising quality.

Striping of Artificial Grass

The striping will only become evident once you have unrolled the artificial grass after purchasing it. This is a defect during the manufacturing process wherein a roll of yarn that’s of a different color dye is used and the machine operator wasn’t able to detect it. The striping effect will destroy the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. This is usually the case for low-end markets that have zero quality control.

Narrow Grass Fibers

When selecting the best artificial grass, one of the things you need to look out for is the narrowness of the grass fibers. Take a good look at the plastic. The best way to compare artificial grass is to ask for a sample of each and compared them side-by-side. Ideally, you should opt for grass with wide fibers the wider they are the stronger they are going to be.

Thin Grass Fibers

Another important consideration is the thickness. Ask the manufacturer for datasheets so you can read about the filament thickness that is usually measured in microns. The higher the microns then it means the thicker the grass fibers.

where is artificial grass west palm beach?

Looking for Artificial Grass West Palm Beach

When buying artificial grass West Palm Beach it pays to take your time and study it. At Southwest Greens, we provide artificial turf at a price that’s easy on the budget. Visit our website to learn more.

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