Artificial Lawn vs Real Grass: Pros and Cons

February 1, 2016
February 1, 2016

Artificial lawn vs real grass. When it comes to the landscape of your commercial property, the question of whether to fake it or not might come up. With the costs and effort of maintaining a lawn, it sometimes just doesn’t seem economical or environmentally friendly to have a live landscape. At least when it comes to grass. We decided to show you the pros and a few cons of atificial grass. Whether you have a golf course or a hotel that requires a large or small landscape, a business decision still needs to be made at the end of the day.

Artificial Lawn: The Pros and Cons

Think about how much water, pesticides (if you use them), fertilizers, the gas from lawn mowers you use. All of those things have an impact on the environment. With synthetic grass you won’t need to worry about the impact you are making on the environment with all of these harmful things that are associated with the maintenance of grass.

Many people have allergies associated with grass, which can leave your guests or customers with an uncomfortable experience. If your business involves guest services you want to ensure your guests are comfortable and leave feeling happy and taken care of. Eliminating the possibility for allergies is a great way to enhance your guest’s experience. Synthetic grass can take care of this issue.

Low Maintenance
Save costs on maintenance fees and landscape contractors when you install artificial grass. You will also notice a nice dip in your water bill. There is very little cost associated with artificial turf, which makes it an ideal choice when it comes to improving your landscape. The long-term gains of an artificial lawn can be really beneficial. Not having to shell out large sums of money for regular maintenance fees can mean allocating that eliminated cost towards other areas of your business.

Imagine having a perfectly manicured lawn that never dies or turns brown without lifting a finger. Artificial turf can withstand wear and tear for several years. When it comes to high-traffic areas that require a lawn – such as a golf facilities, driving range or a hotel,  the recovery time for natural grasses just can’t keep up and the business ends up with a landscape filled with dead grass and bald patches. That’s where synthetic turf grass can eliminate this problem.

While there are many amazing reasons to use synthetic grass for your property, you do need to weigh out all your options. If your commercial property is in the warmer climates, you will have to face temperature increases on the surface as the sun hits it. And of course, not everyone appreciates the idea of synthetic turf so you will need to consider resale if that’s relevant to your business.
However, in many cases artificial grass can greatly outweigh the cons and it can be a huge benefit to the commercial property. Having an everlasting plush lawn that doesn’t affect allergies related to grass and withstands the damage high traffic can have on a live lawn is an excellent business decision. Take a look at our extensive portfolio.

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