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- Artificial Putting Greens -You Can Enjoy Golf While Cruising the Ocean

Take the elegance of Southwest Greens of Florida with you abroad as you enjoy some of their best work while relaxing and enjoying yourself on a luxurious cruise with lines such as Carnival, Princess, Holland America and Seabourn.

From miniature golf courses and custom putting greens to golf hitting cages and synthetic turf grass, Southwest Greens of Florida has installed some of the most recreational surfaces on over 30 cruise ships since 2003. Better, since 2011, Southwest Greens of Florida has created a multi-game sport grass surface that allows guests to enjoy even more activities such as golf putting, croquet, bocce and other family fun games, all on the same playing surface. Southwest Greens even selects the most durable components to create lasting and enjoyable golf courses, putting greens and multi-function lawns.

Artificial Putting Greens -You Can Enjoy Golf While Cruising the Ocean

The experience crew of Southwest Greens of Florida travels to shipyards in the United States, the Caribbean and Europe to install their surfaces and ensure guests maximize their leisure time to the fullest with a plethora of fun activities. To make the experience even better, Southwest Greens of Florida can create elaborate themes to further maximize the experience. From custom lighting to interactive game features to sculptures, a simple game of minigolf can suddenly become the hottest event on the cruise ship thanks to Southwest Greens of Florida.

In addition to playing surfaces, Southwest Greens of Florida will be installing IMO-certified gym flooring on Carnival Cruise Line’s exercise rooms which will surely leave guests feeling like they never want to leave the ship.

So, next time you decide to go on a cruise, be sure to choose one that Southwest Greens of Florida caters to. You are guaranteed to have the time of your life whether it’s by showing off your golf game to friends or beating your sibling at an ultra-competitive game of bocce. Have a grand ole time on your trip as you enjoy the best of what Southwest Greens of Florida has to offer. Show off your skills, be the life of the party and make some wonderful memories. You will not regret it.

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