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- Artificial Turf Cost

When it comes down to it, artificial turf cost is a big factor in the decision making process. Also known as synthetic turf or grass, this product is not new, however its popularity is growing quickly. The cost of installing a turf field will cost more than a natural grass field, however, when you look at things objectively, there are many reasons why the cost of a turf field is actually less.

The first reason that the cost of a turf field is less than natural grass is the upkeep. When it comes to natural grass there are many added expenses that don’t come with turf. For instance, buying lawn equipment like tractors, trimmers, and spreaders. That list doesn’t account for the amount of gas and oil that it takes to keep that equipment running. Along with the expense of equipment is the salary of the employees to run the equipment. The cost of a turf field upkeep is less than half of that. There are no expensive lawn tractors to buy or gas and oil. The upkeep of a turf field cost is less because artificial turf maintains a well-manicured look for up to 12 years.


Another reason that the cost of a turf field is less than natural grass is its durability. Turf fields are tough.

You won’t see worn out grass that has to be patched. There won’t be divots that have to be dealt with. There certainly won’t be holes in the ground for someone to trip over. Artificial turf is tough enough to put on playgrounds, sports fields, and even dog runs.

Finally, artificial turf costs less time to install and maintain than natural grass. Maintaining a field of natural grass requires daily routine maintenance that is time consuming and money draining. A turf field maintains its beauty over the course of years.

To determine your artificial turf cost, let us give you a free consultation. We will custom measured and inspected the area to determine the best courst of action. Additionally, once installed, the turf field will have a ten year warranty which protects your budget and reminds you that you made the right decision to install a turf field. After your turf field is installed you will be amazed at how much money you’ll begin to save throughout the year.

artificial turf cost

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