Artificial Turf Fort Lauderdale | Factors That Could Potentially Destroy Your Artificial Grass

August 30, 2019
August 30, 2019

If you own an artificial turf Fort Lauderdale in your home, we can only assume that you were fully convinced that fake grass is highly durable. Indeed, they are. Top-quality artificial grass is designed using strong materials to withstand heavy foot traffic. Although fake grass does not wither, it is still prone to damage. The following are three common factors that are responsible for damaging artificial grass.

Extreme Heat Can Destroy Artificial Turf

Fake grass is made of different kinds of plastic polymers. Even though it won’t burn up it can melt when it is being continually exposed to extremely high heat. If you plan to set up artificial grass outdoors, make sure that you keep it away from your outdoor grill or your fire pit to avoid burning the grass. When grilling, keep in mind that bits and pieces of hot charcoal can crackle sending burning coals and ashes into the ground. To avoid melting your grass you can surround the grill with a hardscape apron.

Chemical Spills Can Melt Fake Grass

Artificial grass is very low maintenance and it requires very little cleaning. All you need to do is to pick up objects or sweep it occasionally. Unfortunately, corrosive chemicals present in most products containing petroleum can melt your plastic grass. Spilling water-based and oil-based paints can also result in permanent staining compromising the beautiful verdant color of your artificial grass. Keep these away from your grass as much as possible.

Sharp Objects Can Cut Artificial Grass

One thing’s for sure, fake grass doesn’t grow so you have to keep sharp objects away from it. Sharp gardening tools and knives can cut and damage your grass. If you plan to cook food outdoors using sharp kitchen utensils, don’t do it near your grass. Do it someplace far from it.

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