Artificial Turf In Florida | How To Keep Artificial Grass Clean

October 9, 2017
October 9, 2017

Synthetic, or artificial, grass has many advantages over traditional turf. One of which is its low-maintenance requirements and easiness to keep clean. Below are some tips on keeping your artificial turf in Florida clean.

How To Clean Spills, Gum, Or Other Occurrences

Lawns are meant to be lived on. Things get spilled, splattered, and dripped all the time. Artificial turf in Florida is stain resistant, making cleanups easy. The majority of spills can be cleaned by simply hosing off the area. If for some reason, the stain doesn’t come out, or if residue remains, you can apply natural soap or a mix of vinegar and water to the affected area to clean it.

How To Remove Bacteria

Bacteria is generally not an issue when it comes to synthetic turf as long as it is frequently cleaned and maintained. However, if bacteria buildup does become an issue, you can go back to that water and vinegar mix from earlier. If the area of bacteria infestation is small, you can put the mixture in a spray bottle and spray the affected area. If you want to treat your entire lawn, use a garden hose attachment similar to the ones used to spray fertilizer.

Why should I get artificial turf in Florida?How To Avoid Stains and Burns

If your artificial lawn gets burned or if a stain doesn’t come out with basic treatment, it can be repaired. However, there are certain precautionary measures that you can take to keep this from happening.

Certain spills, such as grease, lubricants, motor oil, and battery acid can discolor or damage your artificial turf in Florida. Same goes for cigarettes, charcoal, or sparks from a fire pit. The burns that come from these products can also cause damage to the turf. Keeping anything that might cause stains or burns away from the turf is the best way to avoid the accidental stain or burn.

Keeping your Artificial Turf In Florida Clean

The low key maintenance of synthetic turf is one of its biggest appeals. Even if things get spilled on it, it’s easy to clean up. If you want to learn more about having artificial turf installed at your home, contact us today.

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