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- How is Artificial Turf in Florida Made?

Have you ever wondered how simple plastic becomes a beautiful synthetic lawn that looks and feels like real grass? It’s not as easy as you may think! Keep reading to find out the entire process it takes to manufacture artificial turf in Florida.


The Manufacturing Process of Artificial Turf in Florida

how artificial turf in florida is made

Step One:

First, plastic pellets are combined with dyes and chemical to give the turf its green color and to protect it from the U.V. rays from the sun.


Step Two:

After the plastic pellets, dyes, and chemicals are blended, it is then mixed by a machine until it has a thick and taffy-like consistency.


Step Three:

The thick liquid is fed into an extruder, exits as a long and thin material, and is spun into yarn.


Step Four:

Next, the yarn is worked and twisted through a series of motions until it resembles natural grass.


Step Five:

The synthetic yarn then travels through a tubing and tufting machine. The tufting machine acts as a giant sewing machines and contains over 200 needles to hook the yarn through synthetic sheeting. The yarn is now a carpet of artificial turf.


Step Six:

The artificial turf goes through a series of processes to ensure that it is coated with latex, that the latex is cured, and that all of the blades are even.


Step Seven:

Finally, the turf is packed, shipped, and installed by a professional installer of artificial turf in Florida.


As you have read, manufacturing artificial turf in Florida is no easy task! But don’t worry, that’s what we are for. Southwest Greens of Florida is the state’s largest supplier and installer of synthetic grass. Connect with our professional turf specialists online to get your own high quality artificial lawn installed today!

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