Artificial Turf in Florida | What Sports Can Be Played on Artificial Turf?

November 7, 2018
November 7, 2018

While playing sports on real grass has been done since the beginning of time, the benefits that come along with artificial grass have made the surface ideal for sports. Not only can artificial turf better handle the wear and tear that comes along with playing sports, but the maintenance requirements are also far less. So, what sports are ideal for artificial grass? Well, let’s take a look at some of the sports that are widely played on artificial turf in Florida.


Artificial turf fields first started being used in the 1990s as more football teams transitioned inside to domed stadiums. Where in the early days artificial turf was rough and sandy, today crumbled up pieces of rubber are used to make the playing surface more accommodating. The grass blades are also at a length that allows the turf to resemble real grass.

where can i get artificial turf in florida?


Having natural grass tennis courts in Florida can be a pain. A lot of work has to go into maintaining the surface and keeping it from dying off. This is especially true in the hot Florida summers. Artificial turf allows people to still play tennis on a grass-like surface with fewer maintenance requirements. The artificial turf feels and reacts to the ball just like natural grass does.

Are You Interested in Artificial Turf in Florida?

Artificial turf can be a great alternative to natural grass playing surfaces. If you have a natural grass playing surface and are considering making the switch to artificial turf, contact us today to learn more.

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