Artificial Turf Installation is Increasing in Popularity

January 29, 2015
January 29, 2015

Artificial turf installation is becoming increasing popular for lawns, landscape, and athletic fields. Why? It looks like natural grass should look but unfortunately, natural turf requires lots of maintenance and down time for it to look good. Artificial turf maintenance primarily consists of brushing it up once in awhile and keeping the debris off it. A leaf blower and a power broom or greens groomer to brush the turf is all you need. Moreover their growth has increased by 20% per annum in the past ten years.

Different turfs are used for different purposes. Artificial turf varies by its fiber length, color and tufting weight. Taller turf is used for athletic fields to allow for more infill material to be brushed into the turf fibers. Shorter pile turf is used for putting greens, doggy pet turf and some lawn installations. Color blends and thatch layers add depth and realistic look to the turf. Another major advantage of the artificial turf is that it provides for unlimited hours of use in sports fields. It can be used all year-round, since it can withstand most weather conditions. On the contrary, natural lawns cannot be used for more than 200 hours a year, moreover artificial turfs cannot be used at low temperatures as well as after a snowfall.

Secondly, artificial turfs are maintenance as well as environment friendly. Since they do not need watering repeatedly, they save a lot of water. Also, there is no need for mowing or weed removal. It also does not require any energy to maintain the upkeep of the grass.

artificial turf installation

Thirdly, it saves space due to more use on the same field. One artificial turf is equivalent to five natural grass pitches. The saved space can be used for utilizing it for any other purpose.

Fourthly, artificial turfs retain its characteristics and they are developed for intensive use. The synthetic turfs lasts longer than natural. Their estimated lifetime is approximately 12 to 15 years, depending on its structure and composition.

Last but not the least, these turfs cost less and are easier to maintain than natural lawns. They don’t need any kind of fertilizers or frequent replacements.

One should very diligently and carefully opt for the best artificial turf installation as they can also make or break a game.

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