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- The 23 Benefits of Artificial Turf | The Ultimate Guide

This post was written by Cort Tafoya of Miller’s Synthetic Turf and Putting Greens, a California based artificial grass company.

Are you considering switching out your natural grass lawn for something easier to maintain? If so, consider realistic looking synthetic grass. Artificial grass benefits not only your finances and the aesthetics of your property, but the environment and the people who use the turf, too.

Below you can read a comprehensive list of 23 benefits we came up with when you switch your yard from organic grass to synthetic grass.

  1. With artificial turf, your lawn will always stay green. Even natural lawns that are watered frequently can experience a loss of color – but not our synthetic grass. We also use built-in UV inhibitors for all our fibers so their color won’t be damaged by the sun.


  1. The long-term ROI is in the tens of thousands of dollars for residential homeowners. For those who plan on replacing large fields, the ROI can shoot up to the hundreds of thousands. Most people can expect to break even in as little as three to five years. (Note – we back our product with a ten-year warranty, but expect them to last 25 years.)


  1. Your property value can easily increase with the installation of artificial turf. Numerous studies have shown the long term savings for those who have synthetic lawns, and this is taken into account by real estate agents when it’s time to buy or sell.


  1. Whether you mow your lawn yourself or pay someone for landscaping, you can take solace in knowing that you’ll never have to do that again. Synthetic grass has a permanent, freshly cut look.


  1. You can also eliminate the need for other lawn care products such as blowers or trimmers. Many of these tools produce pollution that outweighs the fresh oxygen created by natural grass.


  1. In fact, lawn care is a big part of a person’s overall carbon footprint. So going with artificial grass means you won’t be responsible for adding as much Co2 to the environment.


  1. Part of the maintenance process with natural grass includes reseeding – adding expenses to your yearly budget. You can save this money or spend it in other places once you have an artificial lawn.


  1. Picking up pet waste will be easier and cleaner. Lawns that haven’t been cut are especially hard to dig into to remove such waste. Keep this experience hassle free with artificial turf. Our product also comes with a high functioning drainage system.

  1. Local water authorities recognize the value in replacing natural grass with synthetic turf. As a result, some districts and counties are providing water rebates for homeowners.


  1. Water conservation. Some people have estimated that a grass sports field can require as much as 500,000 to 1 million gallons of water PER YEAR just to maintain. Let’s be real – this is California and we don’t have that luxury.


  1. The need for sprinkler maintenance and upkeep is also eliminated. Sprinkler systems can often be damaged by people walking on your yard or field, or in some cases when a car slightly misses the driveway. Any expenses associated with this type of repair are saved when you switch to artificial turf.


  1. While we’re on the topic of water, you may have read that some counties are fining residents who over water their lawns. The restrictions and regulations surrounding lawn watering can be complicated and may also vary by neighborhood. With artificial grass, you can avoid the fines and having to figure out these new, restrictive water laws.


  1. Your overall monthly water bill can decrease by as much as 50%. Some have estimated that the average CA family’s water usage is split down the middle between lawn care and personal consumption.


  1. Synthetic grass benefits the environment in other ways, like keeping the air clear of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers which are used in the routine maintenance of artificial grass.


  1. When you use artificial turf for sports fields, the athletes are less likely to be injured. This is because maintenance issues related to mud patches, divots and holes are completely eliminated.


  1. Also, when you use turf for sports field, the ground will always stay even. While there is some cushion underneath, it won’t give way to a person’s weight, causing sprained ankles or severe knee, foot and leg injuries.


  1. Your new artificial lawn will be safer for your pets. If you go with a company like Miller’s Synthetic Turf, you’ll be putting a 100% recyclable product in your backyard. Combined with no longer using fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides, this makes the air much safer for animals.


  1. You can use artificial turf to improve your golf game. How realistic is the chipping or putting experience when you try to practice golf in your backyard? It’s just not the same. But check out this picture below – our install experts can setup the perfect putting green for you. Shave a few strokes off your short game while helping the environment and saving money.

  1. Buying synthetic grass keeps your hard earned dollars in the USA. All of Miller’s Synthetic Turf products are American made.


  1. Artificial grass can keep your home carpeting clean, too. People often track mud & grass into their houses after being out in the yard. The paws on your pets can be especially messy. You can forget about these problems when you switch to an artificial lawn.


  1. The added durability of synthetic turf – which is an incredibly strong product – means you can use your yard or lawn far more. It is not recommended that people use their natural grass for more than 3-4 hours per day if they want it to maintain the same look. But with synthetic turf you can far exceed this limit.


  1. Switch to synthetic turf and easily turn your backyard into a high functioning bocce ball court. Adding this feature to your yard makes having guests over way more fun.


23.The extra time you save from no longer having to manage your lawn can be used for fun activities with the family.


After reading about all of these benefits, we hope you’re convinced. When it comes to artificial grass vs real grass – there’s no competition. Get in touch with a highly rated local installer to find out more and get started on your next artificial turf project. Thanks for reading.

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