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Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass

Artificial turf is showing up in some surprising places. No longer just used in athletic fields, synthetic grass can now be found in school yards, parks, and your neighbor’s front lawn. Why? Advanced manufacturing techniques have made artificial turf easier and more economical to use than ever. A look at the pros and cons of artificial turf vs natural grass Florida will help you decide which is right for you.

Ease of Use

While not completely maintenance free, artificial turf never needs mowing, spraying, or weeding. It’s perfect for a vacation property, busy families, and older homeowners who can no longer care for natural grass. Once installed, synthetic grass can easily be cleaned and raked like a real lawn. It’s also ideal for growing under trees or in hot spots without needing constant watering.


The cost of installing artificial turf is offset by the savings in water, equipment, amendments, and paid gardeners. Once artificial turf is down, you’re done. Natural grass is the gift that keeps giving, or rather, taking; it takes your time and your money to maintain throughout the lawn’s lifetime.  Rather than trying to manage a problem, eliminate it for good.  Our synthetic grass products come with a 10-year manufacturer warranty and expected life of 12-15 years.

Environmental Impact

The amount of water and chemicals needed to keep natural grass healthy and green is concerning to those who enjoy an eco-friendly lifestyle. Artificial turf requires zero pesticides to keep it green and absolutely no gasoline or electricity is required to keep it at the ideal length.


Synthetic grass stands up to heavy use without looking trampled or damaged. Pets, children and athletes can enjoy artificial turf without the worry of causing bare or discolored areas or creating muddy zones from overuse. In fact, synthetic grass might just be a pet owner’s best friend. Dogs can’t dig up an artificial lawn or cause yellow patches. Artificial turf is water permeable so it cleans up easily when needed, and pets won’t come back into the house with muddy paws.

Artificial turf is more versatile than natural grass; it can go places where natural lawn would never grow. It looks and feels real and there’s no waiting for the lawn to grow in. For some people, nothing can replace the smell of fresh cut grass, but if you’d rather spend your weekends playing in the yard than working in it, artificial turf may be the right choice for you.

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