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Benefits: Backyard Greens

The Benefits of a Synthetic Florida Putting Green for Backyard

For many people golf is more than just a hobby. For those that really love the game, and who want to maximize their free time while at home, there is the Florida putting green for the backyard.

Florida Putting Green for Your Backyard – True Skill Development

Putting is an art and a science, and anyone who has attempted it more than a few times can attest to its difficulty. Like anything, you can only improve with practice. Fortunately, you do not have to make a trip to the course to get all of your practice in. You can install a putting green in your backyard and develop your skill year round.

Turf – Synthetic vs. Natural

When you make the decision to install a green you are faced with the choice of synthetic or natural turf. However, a little research will quickly show you that synthetic is almost always the way to go. It offers so many benefits and virtually no downsides.

Synthetic turf is essentially maintenance free and will last for years without you needing to do much of anything. Modern synthetic green technology is pretty amazing and can give you reliable performance year after year. The most you will probably need to do is sweep or blow off your green.

Synthetic also offers improved performance over most turf greens, especially in a backyard setting. Turf is constantly growing and must be cared for by knowledgeable hands to maintain its putting performance. Synthetic, in contrast, is installed by an expert and remains as it was intended. It does not move, grow, or require mowing. It keeps looking its best and performing well season after season.

Synthetic also saves you money. Not only do you save on green fees, you save on watering costs as well. Natural turf is quite thirsty and requires the regular application of pesticides and fertilizer to perform well. Synthetic turf requires none of these. You pay for the initial install and that is it.

A Florida putting green for your backyard is supposed to be enjoyable, not a burden. Synthetic turf does what you want it to do economically and reliably, and performs better than natural turf in almost every way.

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