Beware of Landscapers Who Install Artificial Turf

February 24, 2015
February 24, 2015

You’ve heard the old sane – jack of all trades master of none. Beware of landscapers who say they install artificial turf. Unless they are partnering with a pure artificial turf installation company, the installation will be suspect. Artificial grass is beautiful when installed properly, but it looks horrible if installed poorly. Find out the experience level of the installation crew that will do your specific installation. Are they employees of the turf installation company or random independent contractors or day laborers with little experience? Artificial grass is popular for landscaping and most reputable landscape contractors partner with top quality artificial turf installation companies local to the area. Just as you would not expect the nursery that grows the plants that are eventually installed at your home by a landscape contractor, don’t expect the landscape contractor to be skilled at installing artificial grass.

Some people will choose to do some research into the various types of turf that are available before they decide to purchase the product. Other people may choose to contact a turf installation company first and then let the company explain their available turf options. Either way a person will most likely receive an estimate for the cost of the turf before their project ever gets started.

It is important to hire a company that has a good reputation when it comes to installing artificial turf for residential landscaping. People need to check into the quality of the turf being used, and most importantly, the skill level of the installers. The quality of the installation is very important so ask for references or go see their work. Most people that have had a positive experience with a company will share that information with people they know, so many people rely on recommendations from family and friends to help them choose an installation company.

If a person is new to using artificial turf for residential landscaping, do your homework and get a couple of quotes from the top artificial turf installation companies in your area.

Many people like the idea of using artificial turf in their yards because it cuts down on costs, headaches, maintenance, lack of privacy, noise, pollution, pesticides, fertilizers, irrigation systems, and watering associated with natural grass. The typical payback period is less than 5 years in most cases when all the costs associated with maintained and installing natural grass is considered and compared to installing artificial turf.

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