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Easy Grass Florida | Why People Are Going Crazy Over Easy Grass

With all the hype circulating around easy grass Florida, one can’t help but wonder if it’s worth it. Before you buy one for yourself, you have to be clear about what you want, where you are going to use it for and the kind of look you wish to achieve. If you want to keep it natural, synthetic grass is not for you but if you don’t mind stepping on plastic for as long as it looks 100% natural, then perhaps you may benefit from easy grass.

People Who Are Too Busy Prefer Easy Grass Florida

Most people are torn between wanting to maintain a beautifully manicured lawn and making the time to make it look that way. Unfortunately, with real grass, it will take a lot of money and energy to make it look nice. You need to water it, tend to it, nurture it with fertilizers and mow it to maintain its look. If you don’t have the time to do all these because of your impossibly busy schedule, then easy grass is your best bet.

Limited Budget

We’re just going to say this upfront, individuals who have not enough to spare should stick to easy grass because maintaining real grass can be very expensive. You need to have the materials, tools, and supplies to maintain its shape otherwise it’s going to wither and die and it will only make your lawn look awful.

100% Safe for Children and Pets

Another reason why you should consider easy grass is the fact that it is 100% safe for children and pets. You can let them lay, play, run and do whatever they want without fear that it will be toxic for them. Remember that you need to use fertilizers, pesticides and all other chemicals on your real grass to make it thrive.

where is easy grass florida?

Looking for Easy Grass Florida?

What are you waiting for? Shop for affordable easy grass Florida today. At Southwest Greens, we provide artificial turf at a price that’s easy on the budget. Visit our website to learn more.

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Artificial Turf Miami | Is Buying Fake Grass A Good Idea?

Is buying artificial turf Miami a good idea? With all the indoor and outdoor fake grass decorating ideas on Pinterest, you can’t help but wonder if it’s really worth your money. The answer will depend on your predilection and your priorities. Let’s find out if you should swipe that credit card and order fake grass for your home or just forget about it.

Artificial Turf is Budget-Friendly

Initially, you’re going to think that it’s pricey especially if you go for high-quality brands but if you come to think of it, real grass, although it comes at a relatively cheap price, requires costly maintenance while fake grass does not. If you’re thinking you’re saving on bills with real grass, you are mistaken. It’s also best that you choose high-quality artificial turf because it tends to last longer.

Different Brands Different Prices

Since artificial grass has become insanely popular today, consumers are overwhelmed with the wide selection of artificial turf choices and they vary in shape, color, texture, quality, and cost. There is bound to be an artificial turf that will fit your budget given that there are hundreds of brands available today. You should, however, do your research before buying. Read reviews and testimonials so you won’t regret your decision.

Revamping Your Home For Less

If you’ve always wanted to spruce up your home but you’re not keen on the idea of making a major renovation because it’s going to cost you a lot of money, resorting to adding artificial turf is a cost-effective way to beautify your home for less.

who offers artificial turf miami?

Looking for Artificial Turf Miami?

Is buying artificial turf Miami a good idea? We believe it is! Just make sure you’re getting the high-quality kind. At Southwest Greens, we provide artificial turf at a price that’s easy on the budget. Visit our website to learn more.

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Artificial Grass West Palm Beach | Signs That You Have Poor Quality Fake Grass

When shopping for artificial grass West Palm Beach, it is important that you know how to spot poor quality fake grass for the very simple reason that buying artificial grass doesn’t come cheap. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of settling for the cheapest one but little do they realize that what they were actually doing was compromising quality.

Striping of Artificial Grass

The striping will only become evident once you have unrolled the artificial grass after purchasing it. This is a defect during the manufacturing process wherein a roll of yarn that’s of a different color dye is used and the machine operator wasn’t able to detect it. The striping effect will destroy the aesthetic appeal of your lawn. This is usually the case for low-end markets that have zero quality control.

Narrow Grass Fibers

When selecting the best artificial grass, one of the things you need to look out for is the narrowness of the grass fibers. Take a good look at the plastic. The best way to compare artificial grass is to ask for a sample of each and compared them side-by-side. Ideally, you should opt for grass with wide fibers the wider they are the stronger they are going to be.

Thin Grass Fibers

Another important consideration is the thickness. Ask the manufacturer for datasheets so you can read about the filament thickness that is usually measured in microns. The higher the microns then it means the thicker the grass fibers.

where is artificial grass west palm beach?

Looking for Artificial Grass West Palm Beach

When buying artificial grass West Palm Beach it pays to take your time and study it. At Southwest Greens, we provide artificial turf at a price that’s easy on the budget. Visit our website to learn more.

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Artificial Turf Fort Lauderdale | Artificial Turf Facts You Need to Know About

Have you always lusted after your next-door neighbor’s perfectly manicured lawn? If their lawn looks immaculate after all these years and yet not once did you see them mow it then it’s probably because they are using artificial turf Fort Lauderdale. You can also achieve that kind of lawn if you consider making the switch to artificial grass. 

Artificial Turf Fort Lauderdale Comes in Various Types

When shopping for artificial turf, you’ll be surprised to know that it comes in different types and forms.  The materials vary as well. Some are made of nylon, while others are made of polyethylene and polypropylene. You should also consider the height of the blade whether it’s short, medium or long. Another variation is the color; you can choose from blue, green and bright colored artificial turf but the most common of all is green. It all boils down to your personal preference but if you need help deciding, you can benefit by asking for professional assistance.

Artificial Grass Has Less Noise

If you’re concerned about the noise, you can greatly benefit from artificial grass because it’s an excellent sound insulator. This is especially beneficial for individuals who live in a noisy environment, as the fake grass tends to absorb the noise. 

Very Little Maintenance Is Needed 

Very little maintenance is needed when you are using artificial turf. There is no need for mowing since it doesn’t grow and you don’t need to spend on fertilizers and pesticides because it doesn’t need nurturing. Probably the only thing you need to do to keep it tidy is to clean it every once in a while.

where are great artificial turf fort lauderdale?

Looking for Artificial Turf Fort Lauderdale?

These three facts are enough to convince you to get artificial turf Fort Lauderdale for your lawn. At Southwest Greens, we provide artificial turf at a price that’s easy on the budget. Visit our website to learn more.

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Fake Grass in Miami | Popular Uses for Artificial Grass

As artificial grass continues to grow in popularity, the ways people use it have increased. It’s not just used for sports fields anymore. It can be used at your house, at your office, or even inside your apartment. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular uses for fake grass in Miami.

Residential Lawn

By far the most popular use for synthetic grass is to replace a natural grass lawn. While it is not 100% maintenance-free, fake grass requires significantly less upkeep work than its natural counterpart. As a result, those low maintenance requirements make it incredibly popular for homeowners that simply don’t want to deal with everything that comes with keeping natural grass alive and looking good.

Balconies and Rooftops

If you are looking for something that will spice up your patio, balcony, or rooftop and make it look unique, artificial turf grass can then be a great choice. The best part about synthetic grass is that it doesn’t require any sunlight. So, even if your patio or balcony is shaded from the sun, you can still give it that grass look.

Who offers fake grass in Miami?

Sports Surfaces

Of course, when it comes to fake grass it gained its popularity with sports surfaces. Football fields, soccer fields, and any other type of multipurpose field can benefit greatly from artificial grass. The same can then be said for putting greens and short-game areas.

Are You Interested in Fake Grass in Miami?

If you are considering installing artificial grass at your home, office, apartment, or condo, talk to us at Southwest Greens. Contact us today to learn more and for pricing.

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Artificial Turf in Miami | Installing Artificial Grass at Your Office

We have discussed in this space a lot the benefits of installing synthetic grass at your home. There’s less maintenance involved and less water used among others. However, did you know that artificial turf can be a great thing to have at your office as well? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that having artificial turf in Miami can benefit your office.

It Can Make a Great First Impression

Have you ever arrived at an office building for a meeting and noticed that grass around the office was looking ragged? Did it give you a good feeling about the meeting you were about to have? How your office building looks on the outside can impact what your customer thinks of you before they even talk to you. Artificial grass always looks good and will provide a great first impression for any visitor from the second they arrive.

Who offers artificial turf in Miami?

It Can Spice Up the Office

When it comes to an office, synthetic grass can benefit them inside in addition to outside. Artificial grass can be a great substitute for boring carpeting or tile and can spice up the office. Not only will this help you stand out when it comes to visitors, but your staff will also be happier to come to work in a fun environment.

Are You Looking for Artificial Turf in Miami?

Whether it’s for your home or office, at Southwest Greens we have the synthetic grass for you. Contact us today to learn more or to get an estimate.

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Fake Grass in West Palm Beach | Installing Synthetic Grass at Your Office

Artificial grass isn’t just for your yard at your house or the playing fields at the local park. Artificial grass can also be used at your office. When it comes to installing synthetic grass at your office, the benefits are very similar to those that you see at your house. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should install fake grass in West Palm Beach at your office today.

Great First Impression

For the most part, offices look the same. Especially when it comes to the entrance and waiting area. Adding artificial grass to your reception and waiting areas is a great way to welcome visitors, stand out, and make a lasting impression. Having artificial grass in your office is something that people who visit you won’t forget about.

Brighten the Atmosphere

Having artificial grass in your office will increase the morale of your staff. You workers will look forward to coming into work if the environment is unique and inviting. This could give a big uplift in productivity and satisfaction levels of the employees.

Why should I get fake grass in west palm beach?

Get Creative

Using artificial grass in your office allows you to show off your creativity. If you work in an industry that thrives on creativity, there are many ways you can use the fake grass. You can put it on tables and walls and use it as conventionally or as unconventionally as you want.

Are You Interested in Fake Grass in West Palm Beach?

When it comes to fake grass, you can use it for more than just your front yard at your house. If you are interested in having artificial grass installed in your office, contact us today.

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Synthetic Lawns in Miami | Commercial Uses for Artificial Grass

The benefits of artificial grass go beyond just residential lawns and sports fields. There can be great benefits to having synthetic grass at commercial properties. Let’s take a look at some of the commercial properties where synthetic lawns in Miami can be used.


Maintaining natural grass at a school can be tough and very expensive. In addition to all the foot traffic the grass sees, it requires constant watering, mowing, and attention. In addition to synthetic grass providing a safe, level field for kids to participate in sports activities, it’s cost-effective in the long run, and pays for itself over time.

Public Swimming Pools

Outdoor swimming pools have become an increasingly popular place to have artificial grass. Many health clubs and community centers are using fake grass around their pools as a way to make everything look nicer and make the pool area safer. While natural grass around a pool can lead to the grass getting flooded and mud being tracked around, synthetic grass eliminates the scenario of wet grass and provides a clean environment around the pool, making it more inviting.

Where can I find someone to install synthetic lawns in Miami?


While you might think having artificial grass installed in a park is very expensive because of how big the space is, think about all the time and money you will save when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Just a one-time professional installation and that’s it, the whole park is set for decades, providing it undergoes regular inspections.

Are You Thinking About Synthetic Lawns in Miami?

If you are thinking about artificial grass, whether it’s for residential or commercial use, we can do it all! Contact us today to learn more about having synthetic grass installed.

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Artificial Turf in West Palm Beach | Benefits of Field Turf

Were you watching last night’s National Championship Game and thinking to yourself, “that field looks really good”? Well, that’s because it was artificial turf. Mercedes Benz Stadium, home of the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and where last night’s game was played, is one of 13 NFL stadiums that utilize artificial turf. Here are some of the reasons why more and more facilities are switching to artificial turf in West Palm Beach from the NFL level all the way down to community parks.

Fewer Injuries

Natural grass fields can have imperfections that can be caused by many different factors. Animals could be digging or burrowing. The grass could be laid unevenly or be susceptible to weather damage. All of these can increase the risk of injury when using the field. Synthetic turf stays even and consistent in any condition.

Less Water Usage

A typical grass sports field can use between 500,000 to a million gallons of water each year. Artificial turf eliminates almost all water usage completely. In areas that suffer from constant water droughts, synthetic turf is perfect for having lush looking playing surfaces without having to use a lot of water.

Where can I find artificial turf in west palm beach?

Eliminates Pesticides and Fertilizers

While pesticides and fertilizers are needed to keep natural grass healthy and lush, it can be harmful to both the environment and the people using the field. Synthetic turf fields eliminate the use of potentially harmful pesticides and fertilizers while significantly decreasing maintenance costs.

Are You Interested in Artificial Turf in West Palm Beach?

If more and more professional sports organizations are switching to artificial turf, why shouldn’t you? Contact us at Southwest Greens to learn more about how we can install artificial turf on your athletic field today.

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Fake Grass for Yard in Florida | How Can I Landscape a Beautiful Yard?

Getting a beautiful yard doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Landscaping should be fun as your lawn acts as a base. Let fake grass for yard in Florida act your canvas and earn some major curb appeal.

Narrow Down Your Style

Just like interior design has an array of style preferences, so does landscaping. You can like the look of a full garden with lots of full-bodied plants. Or, you may like a more minimalist look. This could be tall, thin plants.

Install Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a great option for any style of landscaping. It can create a clean look and last a lifetime! With precision edging and next to no maintenance, artificial grass is worth the investment.

can i have fake grass for yard in florida with a pool

Get a Variety of Plants

You should try to establish a nice balance between plants. This means, have some height while using some that are lower to the ground, should you like to cluster them. Also, have an array of full sun and partial sun plants. Different parts of your lawn probably get different amounts of sun. So, be aware of the environment your lawn offers and buy plants accordingly.

Use Stones or Sand

Sometimes people simply do not like the look of mulch. You can opt for something more creative. In Florida, it is not uncommon to see sand places as it is easy to replace, can handle some rain, and offers a more casual look. Stones also come in every shape, size, and color. So, give those a look for a very clean look that can be made rustic or modern.

Are You Looking to Install Fake Grass for Yard in Florida?

Fake grass for yard in Florida is a great way to achieve a seamless landscaping. So, if you are looking to get a professional-looking and beautiful lawn, contact us at Southwest Greens to learn about our artificial grass services.

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Artificial Grass in Miami | Can Synthetic Turf Help My Business?

Do you want to improve your business? Then it may be time to replace your natural lawn with commercial synthetic turf. Artificial grass in Miami is not only a beneficial option for homeowners, but for business owners as well. Keep reading to learn about all of the ways that synthetic grass can help your business reach new levels of success!

3 Ways Artificial Grass in Miami Can Improve Your Business

  1. Makes a Great First Impression: A well-manicured lawn makes an amazing first impression, and artificial grass is visually appealing all year long with minimal maintenance required. Having a pristine synthetic lawn shows your customers that your business values the importance of presentation and attention to detail.
  2. Cost Effective: An artificial lawn requires no maintenance costs and can be recycled from other sites, making it extremely cost effective. Not to mention, since you aren’t using law tools, fertilizers, or new materials, your business’s carbon footprint stays low.
  3. No Mud or Dirt: Cleaning dirt from your business’s floors can often be a full-time job on its own. Luckily you can say goodbye to this problem with synthetic turf. Artificial grass doesn’t use soil, so none of it can be brought in on people’s shoes and your business can be kept clean.

Make your business as successful as possible by getting commercial artificial grass in Miami today. For the best synthetic turf, look no further than Southwest Greens of Florida. We have worked with a variety of different businesses, parks, cruise lines, golf courses, schools, and cities to design a custom synthetic grass solution that meets and exceeds their business needs. Let us start helping your business by requesting a FREE consultation from one of our professional turf specialists today!

where can i get the best commercial artificial grass in miami

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