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Artificial Grass for Dogs | Is It Safe?

If you have a pet, you know that they deserve the best. They deserve the best food, the best toys, and the best backyard! It’s no secret that artificial grass for dogs is the ultimate backyard option, but is it safe? Keep reading to find out!

is artificial grass safe for dogs

Is Artificial Grass for Dogs Safe?

The answer is yes; artificial grass for dogs is extremely safe! While chemicals are used to care for natural lawns, artificial lawns are free of chemicals. Synthetic grass looks and feels amazing without any fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Because of this, you’ll never have to worry about chemical exposure if your dog chews on grass.

Artificial grass for dogs is also the safest option because it’s not a hotbed for bacteria. But the same can’t be said for natural lawns, which harbors bacteria and is nearly impossible to disinfect. Bacteria is of little concern for fake lawns. No matter how many times your pet goes on the synthetic turf, normal maintenance will keep it bacteria-free and safe.

Artificial grass not only gets rid of chemical and bacterial safety issues, but it puts an end to tripping hazards as well. An experienced synthetic turf installer addresses and fixes any recreational dangers that natural grass can hide. The result is a level, even surface for your furry friend to run around on. However, if your pet does fall down, artificial grass provides an extra-soft landing.

If you’re interested in replacing your lawn with synthetic turf, we can help! Southwest Greens guarantees to install an outstanding producing that you will love. Request a free consultation from one of our artificial grass for dogs specialists today!

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Artificial Grass for Dogs

Are you considering artificial grass for dogs? As pet owners, we want our turf to withstand our demands, especially when it comes to our furry friends. Artificial grass can be a perfect solution for your family dog or other pet. Offering a thick, clean, safe, and visually appealing lawn, with a softness matched only by the lushest grass, your pet may end up liking the new grass more than you will.

Pets and lawns can be a disastrous mix – high traffic from playing fetch, destructive digging and doing business can all lead to natural grass becoming dull and brown, leaving you with a dead lawn if it’s not given enough time to recover adequately. Rest assured, Southwest Greens’ artificial turf is highly durable and is designed to withstand even the toughest dogs. Totally safe and non­toxic, your pet will enjoy the realistic look and feel of your new synthetic lawn.

Every pet and pet owner is unique in terms of personal needs: we have the versatile solutions to address your requirements in a variety of ways. We consider many factors when working with you to create the best lawn possible: the size of your animal, the size of your pet run, the amount of time your pet will spend in the area, and any other additional measures, like whether or not your pet has destructive tendencies such as digging or grass eating.

You can depend on your lawn to provide superior drainage, which means your pet can do its business with ease. Never worry about muddy paws since the same drainage system means a drier lawn and no dirt! Smells and unsightly dead spots are a thing of the past. Your pet will be safer too since fleas and ticks will be kept away and there is no chemical maintenance required with synthetic turf.

Southwest Green’s Pet Turf is the ultimate bang­-for­-your­-buck when it comes to pets and maintenance. You can even add our proprietary Hydrochill technology, meaning your pets can stay cool and comfortable even on the hottest days.

Our products are meticulously designed to simulate the actual look, feel and performance of natural grass. We tailor a synthetic grass solution for everything you want from your lawn, from our proven installation techniques all the way to individualized maintenance schedules.

Get the best pedigree and choose Southwest Greens for all of your artificial grass for dogs and synthetic lawn needs.

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The Best Uses of Artificial Grass in Orlando

Athletic fields are not the only places that can benefit from artificial grass. Natural grass is now being replaced by artificial grass left and right. It’s durability and versatility make it an ideal option for numerous uses. Keep reading to find out the best uses of artificial grass in Orlando!

Uses of Artificial Grass in Orlando:

Easy Area for Pets

Pet owners have many reasons to want to replace their natural grass with artificial grass. Pets can’t dig holes in it and it’s easy to clean. Also, synthetic grass maintains its vibrant appearance, no matter how many times pets go outside.

Safe Playgrounds

Artificial grass is a great playground surface. It’s soft, durable, and mess-free. The lawn doesn’t get torn up and destroyed by playtime activities. More importantly, there won’t be as many scrapes and bruises thanks to its soft and flexible fibers. Artificial grass helps kids have fun and stay safe.

Home Putting Greens

Artificial grass is perfect for anyone looking to practice their golf game without traveling to the country club. Synthetic turf brings the beauty and playability of golf courses into the comfort of your home. It looks and feel like the real thing.

These are just a few of many great uses of artificial grass! You can also use it for rooftops, courtyards, cricket fields, and anywhere else you want to reap the benefits of artificial grass! If you’re interested in installing artificial grass, Southwest Greens can help. We are Florida’s leading synthetic turf installer and can promise to provide you with the best artificial grass in Orlando. Contact Southwest Greens for any of your synthetic grass needs today!

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Synthetic Turf for Dogs and Pets

Synthetic turf for dogs is not only a smart move financially but it also comes with peace of mind. We all know that having a dog comes with unlimited joy, but it also comes with a great deal of responsibility – but the latter can be eliminated with the investment of artificial grass from Southwest Greens. While it is always great to see your dog playing in the yard, the impact it has on your grass does take its toll, but it doesn’t have to. more »

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Fake Grass for Dogs – Here are Five Reasons to Make the Switch

Fake grass for dogs just might be the answer you need when it comes to having healthy and happy pets but also maintaining a beautiful yard. Animals can do quite a number on your yard. Letting them run around the back yard is a great way for them to exercise and play, but we all know what this does to your lawn. You end up with unsightly burn marks from urine, dug up earth from digging and dead grass and bald patches from the heavy traffic of your four-legged friend…or friends. All of this can make your lawns appear less than inviting. Artificial turf grass can be a safe alternative to saving the aesthetics of your lawn and giving your pets a safe place to play. more »

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Pet Friendly Grass for Your Yard

Pet friendly grass is affordable, safe and affordable especially once you consider all the factors involved. It can be frustrating to shop for items that meet everyone’s expectations including the family pet who is more of a member than just an animal. However, now you can have pet friendly grass that requires less weekend commitment from you and still offers the dogs a place to run around and play in without causing damage the grass. This can be installed quickly and at your convenience so you can start taking advantage of the new yard as soon as possible. more »

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Artificial Grass for Pets Provides a Safe Outdoor Environment to Play

Consider switching to artificial grass for pets. We understand that your pet is one of the most important members in your family. Their needs vary based on breed. Some dogs are hypo-allergenic, require specific foods and ingredients and have particular habits that are inherent in their nature. As a pet owner, it is important to understand all there is to know about the pet you have and to ensure that your home, inside and out, serves as a comfortable and friendly area for them to inhabit. more »

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Synthetic Grass for Pets – The Time for Change is Now

Now is the time to make the change to synthetic grass for pets. If you have a canine friend at home, chances are you would know just how aggravating it can be for you when they get to dig holes and bury bones in the backyard. A world where the grass is green and luscious makes for a beautiful experience. But in real life grass is definitely a problem, especially when it comes to maintenance if you have a pet. more »

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