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Synthetic Lawns West Palm Beach | Benefits to a Synthetic Lawn

Synthetic lawns are something that is becoming increasingly popular, especially in hot and sunny climates. Synthetic grass for landscaping and recreational purposes is growing rapidly because of the benefits compared to traditional lawns. You could benefit from synthetic lawns West Palm Beach.

Less Upkeep than Traditional Lawns

One of the biggest reasons people switch from traditional lawns to synthetic lawns is because of upkeep. Once a synthetic lawn is installed there is no need to water it, cut it, weed it, or fertilize it. Not only is installing a synthetic lawn going to save you time but in the long run money as well.

Saves Money on Water Bills

A lot of people in hot, arid, and dry communities are switching to synthetic lawns because it not only saves them the trouble of trying to keep the lawn green during the dry season but also because it saves money on water bills. You’ll no longer have to slowly watch your water bill climb to just keep the grass outside alive. If you live in an area with strict watering policies during droughts, you’ll no longer have to worry about rationing water for your lawn either.

Increases Curb Appeal

Everyone is busy nowadays. Who has time to keep a perfectly green lawn anymore? With a synthetic lawn, you can put no effort into your lawn but have the nicest one on your block. Having a synthetic lawn is the easiest way to have an ideal outdoor setting at your house with no upkeep whatsoever.


Who can help me with synthetic lawns West Palm Beach?


Looking for Synthetic Lawns West Palm Beach?

Before you go ahead with installing a synthetic lawn, it is important to check your local city’s policy for permanent additions to your landscaping. If you have any questions about synthetic lawns West Palm Beach, please contact us today. Southwest Greens is committed to making your lawn the greenest on the block.

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Artificial Grass in Naples | How Does Artificial Grass Handle Weather?

When it comes to dealing with the elements, sometimes it can be tough to keep grass alive. This is especially true in Florida. Sometimes, no matter what you do, grass is going to die. Luckily, synthetic grass doesn’t succumb to the elements like natural grass. Let’s take a look at how artificial grass in Naples handles the weather.


Artificial grass is designed to be porous which can be a huge benefit when it comes to Florida’s very wet summers. The way it is designed, when water hits synthetic grass the majority of the water just runs off. The water that does make it through it absorbed by the mixture of rubber granules and sand found at the base of the turf grass. This prevents the mess that a hard rain can make such as flooding and the accumulation of mud.

Who sells artificial grass in Naples?


When it comes to dealing with heat, especially extreme heat, the benefits of artificial grass can get tricky. Sure, when the turf gets hot there is nowhere for the heat to escape. As a result, it would not be recommended to lay around on synthetic grass on a hot summer day. On the opposite side of that though, since synthetic grass is fake, it’s not subject to dying off in extreme heat. It’s also not subject to needing additional water when it gets hot and dry out.

Are You Interested in Artificial Grass in Naples?

Why waste another Saturday having to deal with your lawn? Contact us today to learn more about our artificial grass installation.

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Artificial Grass in Tampa | Why Should I Get Artificial Grass?

Natural grass can be a pain to keep up with. Especially in Florida, where we constantly experience hot dry spells, keeping your grass looking healthy and green can be an exhausting job. There’s no need to do it though thanks to artificial grass. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why you should consider getting artificial grass in Tampa.

Less Maintenance

Think about all the maintenance that goes into keeping your grass alive and looking good. Mowing, watering, fertilizing, removing weeds, putting down chemicals. The list goes on and on. Do you really want to spend another Saturday in the blazing heat dealing with your lawn? When it comes to synthetic grass, there’s no mowing, fertilizing, or weed removal required. Simply hose it down every once in a while to keep it clean and you are good to go.

Why should I get artificial grass in Tampa?

No Mess

A hard rainstorm can turn your nice lawn into a glorified mud pit. Doing something as simple as walking on it can track dirt and mud all through your house. Now you just added yet another chore to your schedule. Artificial grass doesn’t get muddy because there is no dirt. No matter how much it rains, your lawn will look just as good after the storm is over and there will be no mess to deal with.

Are You Interested in Artificial Grass in Tampa?

Artificial grass can be significantly easier to maintain than natural grass. When you are ready to make the switch, contact us at Southwest Greens.

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Synthetic Lawns in West Palm Beach | Maintenance Requirements

One of the biggest selling points when it comes to artificial grass is that it is practically maintenance-free. That doesn’t mean that after it’s installed you never have to do anything to it though. While it requires significantly less maintenance, there are still some things you need to do to your synthetic lawns in West Palm Beach. Let’s take a look at what is required in order to keep your synthetic lawn looking great and long-lasting.

Keep It Clean

Spraying down your artificial lawn once a week will go a long way to keeping your lawn looking great. By hosing down your lawn, it cleans out any dust, dirt, or other debris that might have accumulated. Unlike natural grass lawns though, much less water is required since you are just using the water for cleaning and not for keeping the grass alive.

Where can I get synthetic lawns in west palm beach?

Brush or Rake It

Just like with natural grass, heavy usage can result in patches of synthetic grass that are matted down. The best way to keep the grass standing up straight and looking it’s best is to use a flexible lawn rake, a broom with stiff bristles or a stiff brush. This help keep the grass upright. It will also help in keeping it clean when complimented by the washing.

Are You Interested in Synthetic Lawns in West Palm Beach?

At Southwest Greens, we want you to enjoy your outdoor space as much as possible. If you are considering artificial grass for your home or business, contact us today.

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Synthetic Lawns in Orlando | Artificial Grass Misconceptions

If you have considered artificial grass for your home, then you have probably done your homework. You have probably read everything there is to read about synthetic grass lawns and think you know it all. The only problem is, is that not everything you have probably read is true. Here are some common misconceptions about synthetic lawns in Orlando.

It’s a Luxury Item

For most people, the thought of having a synthetic grass lawn is a luxury that they can’t afford. They associate it with luxury living. You might be surprised to hear that it is more affordable than you thought. Sure, the up-front cost might be more than the price of laying down sod. However, over the life of the turf the savings you will see will be substantial. Financing is also available to fit any budget.

It Looks Too Fake

People who have never seen or dealt with artificial grass first hand sometimes think it looks very fake. These days though that is no longer the case. Now more than ever you can get many different types of fake grass that fit exactly what you are looking for. Synthetic grass looks, and more importantly feels just like natural grass.

Who can help me with synthetic lawns in Orlando?

It Gets Too Hot

Since it’s made out of a synthetic material, many people think that the turf gets too hot. While it can get hotter than natural grass, it doesn’t get too hot to the point where it is dangerous or uncomfortable. By applying water, you can instantly cool down the grass, and it won’t result in a mess.

Are You Interested at Synthetic Lawns in Orlando?

At Southwest Greens we want you to be happy with your lawn. That’s we offer a variety of synthetic lawn types and prices to match what you are looking for. Contact us today to learn more.

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Plastic Grass in Florida | How Fake Grass Can Be Better for Animals

Dealing with natural grass can be a pain. There is constant maintenance such as watering, mowing, and dealing with weeds. As if that wasn’t annoying enough if you have a dog or any other outdoor pets, that can add another wrinkle. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways that plastic grass in Florida isn’t just better for you, but for your pets as well.

Less Mess

If you have natural grass and have a dog, then you know exactly where I’m going with this. It’s raining, or just rained, and the dog has to go out. What comes next is just a mess of mud, dirt, and who knows what else. With fake grass, none of that happens. There is no mud or dirt to be tracked into the house. Plus, your dog stays clean, even after a rainstorm.

Where can I find plastic grass in Florida?

Easier Clean Up

When your dog goes out to go to the bathroom, the remnants can linger. Even if you go out and scoop it up right away, there’s never a guarantee that you are getting it all. This can cause odors to hang around. With synthetic grass, cleanup is easy as just hosing it down. Not only will that eliminate any remnants, it will also get rid of any odor.

Are you Interested in Plastic Grass in Florida?

If you are considering having plastic grass installed at your home or business, look no further than Southwest Greens. We have decades of experience in the synthetic turf game. Contact us today to learn more or to get an estimate.

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Easy Grass in Florida | Why Artificial Grass is Easier

Unless you are one of those people that actually enjoys yard work, chances are you hate mowing the lawn. Saturday rolls around and instead of relaxing and enjoying the day, you have to deal with yard work that you have probably been putting off. Instead of dealing with all that, have you considered artificial grass? When it comes to artificial grass, it is much easier to deal with than natural grass. Let’s take a look at some of the reason why synthetic grass is easy grass in Florida.


For starters, artificial grass does not need to be mowed. It doesn’t need to be grown and it requires very little watering and weeding. When you think about the hours you spend dealing with your lawn, you could get so much of that time back by switching to synthetic grass. Doing the basics to keep it clean and looking good is about all the effort you have to put in to properly maintaining an artificial lawn.

Why should I get easy grass in Florida?

Better for the Environment

The fact that artificial grass has fewer maintenance requirements, that also makes it better for the environment. Synthetic grass does not need fertilizer. It needs significantly less water. It also needs significantly less weed killer, if any. All these things have significant advantages on the environment. If that’s not enough, it can also result in significant cost savings too.

Are You Interested in Easy Grass in Florida?

At Southwest Greens, not only can we get you that easy to maintain grass, we can do it in a manner that is easy and convenient for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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Artificial Grass in Miami | Turning Your Backyard into a Putt-Putt Course

If you haven’t noticed with the blistering heat, summer is here. With the kids out of school, there will be plenty of opportunities to get out and have fun this summer. One of those fun outdoor activities that everyone likes to do is go to the neighborhood putt-putt course and play. After paying to play, drinks, and food though it can be an expensive family activity. What if you could have all the fun in the comfort of your backyard though? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of making your own putt-putt course in your backyard using artificial grass in Miami.

You Don’t Have to Leave the House

We touched on it earlier, but taking the family out for a day of fun can be an expensive time. Creating your own putt-putt course in your backyard can allow your family to have fun whenever they want. The best part is, it doesn’t cost anything (other than the installation of the turf)!

Your House Will Become the Hangout Spot

If you are someone who enjoys socializing and having friends and family over than having a backyard with a putt-putt course will make your home the best hangout spot this summer. Invite your friends and family over for a friendly day of competition.

Who has artificial grass in Miami?

Work on Your Game

If you are also someone that is quite the golf enthusiast, your putt-putt course can also double down as a great practice area for you to work on your putting and short game. Fine tune your short game in the comfort of your own home without having to trek to the closest golf course with your clubs and pay for buckets of range balls.

Are You Interested in Artificial Grass in Miami?

With the heat of the summer quickly approaching, there’s never a better time than now to make that change to synthetic grass. Contact us today to learn more.

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Low Maintenance Grass in Florida | What Do I Need To Know?

One of the biggest reasons why people make the switch from natural grass to artificial grass at their home is the lack of maintenance requirements. Gone are the days of constantly mowing and fertilizing the lawn to make sure it looks nice. Just how much maintenance goes into a synthetic grass lawn though? Well, let’s take a look at some of the maintenance requirements for low maintenance grass in Florida.


One pesky chore that you can eliminate is constantly watering the grass. Not only will that save you precious time on a Saturday, it will also conserve more water for the greater good. However, it is still good to give your artificial grass a nice rinsing on occasion. The occasional spraying of the grass with the hose will help keep it clean and looking its best year round.


Depending on the amount of foot traffic your lawn sees, you might start to notice that even the synthetic grass is getting matted down. A simple brushing will get those strands of grass standing back upright again and looking as good as new. It’s important to use a special synthetic bristle brush and only brush the grass when it is completely dry.

who is the best supplier of low maintenance grass in Florida?


Just because your grass might be synthetic, doesn’t mean that leaves won’t still fall on it. Just as you would have done when you had natural grass, it’s important to make sure you rake the leaves.

Where Can I Find Low Maintenance Grass in Florida?

At Southwest Greens, we have decades of experience in installing the perfect artificial lawn for your home. Contact us today to learn more.

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Synthetic Lawns in Miami | Things to Consider About Synthetic Lawns

Are you tired of all the upkeep that goes into your yard and looking for an alternative? Well, you might have been thinking about making the switch to a synthetic lawn. Before making the switch though, there are some important things to know and consider so you get the best lawn for the best price. Let’s take a look at a few things you need to consider about synthetic lawns in Miami before making your purchase.


The first thing to take into consideration when it comes to a synthetic lawn is foot traffic. Is the area you are looking to have it installed in an area that sees a lot of foot traffic? If so, you will want to make sure that you go with a turf that is highly durable. Not going with a high-durable turf will result in the grass wearing out faster.


Synthetic grass comes in various shades of green- olive green, lime green, darker green, and more. If you are installing artificial grass in an area where there is also natural grass present it will be important to match the natural grass color to your synthetic turf to keep it looking nice and natural.

Who has the best synthetic lawns in Miami?


While synthetic grass requires significantly less maintenance than natural grass, it doesn’t mean that you can just completely neglect it. There are still some maintenance requirements that will need to be done to prolong the life of the turf. Choosing turf that will work well with the amount of time you can put into maintaining it will help keep it looking good longer.

Are You Interested in Synthetic Lawns in Miami?

At Southwest Greens, we have the synthetic lawn that will fit perfectly into your budget and maintenance schedule. Contact us today to learn more.

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