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Use Artificial Playground Turf

Why Choose Artificial Playground Turf Florida?

Gone are the days of hard, dry grass, or gravel in Florida’s parks and playgrounds. While spongy rubber and artificial playground turf are both common these days, artificial playground turf is softer, more comfortable, and all-around safer for kids. These facts will have you ready to embrace artificial playground turf Florida.

Safe for play

Artificial grass provides a soft, cushy surface for children’s play.  When coupled with our pad underlayments, we achieve safety fall height standards up to 9 feet.  Not only will your children be supported when they fall, their clothing will remain clean. Compared with traditional grass, which is likely to leave grass and mud stains on little clothes, playground turf won’t stain clothing. Additionally, natural grass can become wet, muddy, and slippery — a safety hazard for children still developing fine motor skills. When properly installed with draining, artificial playground turf does not retain water. Children can play safely even after a storm.


Because it does not contain pollen, artificial playground turf is safe for children with allergies. Artificial playground turf has far fewer insects and pests than natural grass, something that parents and kids can enjoy. Turf draining systems allow the surface to dry naturally and prevent mold and mildew from developing. All of these factors work together to keep your children happy and healthy while they play.

Low maintenance

Park employees will need to perform less overall maintenance with artificial playground turf since the surface does not need to be cut, mowed, seeded, or patched. Employees can periodically brush the turf and pick up trash and debris or call Southwest Greens to perform turf maintenance.

Built to last

When kids play hard, natural grass wears out. An all-grass playground may have dirt holes, patches, and uneven terrain. By contrast, our artificial playground turf is built to hold up to children’s play. Our artificial playground turf comes with a 10-year warranty and our materials do not shrink or warp over time. It is one of the most durable choices for highly trafficked areas and a top choice for Florida playgrounds.

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