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5 Reasons to Choose Playground Turf Florida from Southwest Greens

Synthetic grass creates an ideal surface where one can easily establish a commercial or residential playground. Choosing playground turf Florida over traditional grass offers additional safety, cleanliness, it last much longer, is more attractive, and synthetic grasses are an eco-friendly alternative.

Safety Features of Playground Turf Florida

As the playground surface of choice for many municipal parks, schools, and youth organizations, it’s likely you may need to meet a specific ASTM (impact attenuation of surface systems). This requires a specific type of pad underlayment that offer “give” during falls from a set height. Southwest Greens offers underlayment padding the “gives” during falls from heights up to 9 feet.

Playground turf Florida provides a consistent, soft surface that offers wheelchair access, and the grass will not displace or become filled with wood chips, sand, rubber chips, and dirt, making it super-safe and very clean.

Cleaner Playground Turf

Parents and caregivers bring home cleaner children when playtime occurs on an artificial playground turf. No more dirt in their eyes, in their mouth, or on their clothes – just kids having good, clean fun! Choosing a turf with antimicrobial agents built in can help prevent microbe and bacterial infections.

Increased Durability and Less Maintenance

Playground turf Florida typically costs less to install and maintain, and turf playground surfaces can last up to 8-10 years without a need for repairs. Minimal fading, no watering, no mowing, and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes artificial playground turf a clearly superior choice over traditional grass that can wear out quickly.

Attractive Playground Turf Florida

There are advanced synthetic grass systems today that offer a remarkably realistic, natural appearance. You can choose the type of grass you want and even the length, texture, and color of the blades! Limitless turf options put the designer in the driver’s seat!

Environmentally Friendly and Green

Beyond its color, artificial turf is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional grass, which requires heavy maintenance and regular watering. Additionally, most turfs boast up to 35% recycled materials and are recyclable again upon disposal.

Consider playground turf Florida for your next big installation. Keep users safer and cleaner, while knowing that your eco-friendly turf will bring you years of use with minimal maintenance. Contact Southwest Greens today for a free evaluation and estimate for your next artificial grass landscaping project.

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