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With experience on our side, Southwest Greens has become the premier provider and installer of synthetic grass and turf in Florida because of our exceptional service and high-quality products.

We have brought our elite services to an array of well-known commercial clients, including hotels, residential areas, and country clubs. Regardless of your industry, our products and services will fulfill the needs of your business.

Rooftop Artificial Grass

Synthetic turf can transform your rooftop into a stunningly beautiful and safe environment, perfect for leisure or fun. The striking color perfectly contrasts with any structure, making our turf ideal for multilevel homes and balconies. The benefits of our synthetic turf for rooftops include:

  • Lightweight product

  • Easy to install

  • Prevents water penetration

  • Absorbs sound

Golf Tee Line Turf

For nearly two decades, we’ve provided effective alternatives to Superintendents and Club Managers with our synthetic turf and grass options. Our products are guaranteed to provide unmatched durability with our heavy-duty ballistic nylon fiber, made to withstand contact with a golf club at full swing force. We offer several options including:

  • Polypropylene artificial turf

  • Polyethylene synthetic grass

  • Nylon synthetic turf

Our varied design options allow us to incorporate brick borders and decorative turf to highlight hitting stations.

Mini Golf Greens

We have extensive experience installing miniature golf courses, custom putting greens, and golf hitting cages. Southwest Greens has been a trusted artificial grass provider for clients on land and at sea.

We were responsible for building miniature golf courses all over Florida, including Abacoa in Jupiter and the first-ever Nicklaus Design miniature golf course in Marriott Doral. Our team has installed and built over 30 miniature golf courses on cruises and across several hotels.

Town Center Synthetic Grass

Southwest Greens can enhance the look of your town center, creating more appealing social areas and inviting atmosphere. We provide installation and long-term maintenance for commercial and communal venues alike, thoroughly cleaning and brushing turf, replacing sand, and restoring seams as needed.

Event Lawn Synthetic Turf

Our commercial services include synthetic turf for event spaces to make them look cleaner and feel more comfortable. Turf requires less upkeep and is more durable than other options, making it perfect for large events and social gatherings.

Pool Deck Turf

Pool decks can especially benefit from artificial grass. Decorative turf can heighten the aesthetic beauty of a pool-side area with strips that inlay between pavers for a modern, upscale look. Our products can soften and accent hardscapes without the need for fertilizers or other dangerous chemicals.

Artificial Putting Green Maintenance

What sets us apart from other synthetic putting green installation companies is our thorough maintenance services. Our job doesn’t end at installation, we make sure our products stay clean and functional with:

  • Thorough Cleaning

  • Turf Brushing

  • Sand Replacement

  • Surface Roll

  • Seam Restoration

Whatever Your Commercial Need, Southwest Greens Has an Option for You

Our designers are excited to create a beautifully customized and functional commercial space to fit your need! Contact our offices today to request a quote, estimate, or discuss your options.


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