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Most homeowners treat driveway design as an afterthought. Too bad, because the driveway can really boost your home’s curb appeal. The only tricky part is choosing a material that’s attractive yet tough enough for this hard-wearing area. If you’re thinking “real grass,” think again – artificial turf in Boston is actually the best way to turn this block of pavement into a scenic strip leading up to your home.

Why Artificial Turf is the Best Material for Designing Driveways

Here’s why synthetic turf is a better material for designing driveways than the real thing:

  • Drive over it without worrying about damage
    Cars driving on and off the driveway will quickly crush live grass. In contrast, artificial grass in Boston is designed to endure heavyweight and a high level of pressure.The turf fibers may become flattened, but all it takes is a little brushing against the grain to return its lush and upright state.
  • Avoid run-off issues from rain or washing your car
    Water tends to run off driveways because it’s covered by hardscape. This can create puddles after it rains or washing your car depending on the layout of your drive.You can solve this problem permanently with synthetic turf. Invest in one with permeable backing that can drain moisture efficiently and prevent water run-off.
  • It’s a breeze to maintain
    Artificial turf looks and feels like live grass, but unlike the real thing, turf requires very little maintenance. That’s why it works so well in driveways, especially those made of pavers.Regular upkeep typically includes occasional rinsing, keeping it debris-free, and brushing up its fibers. That’s right— no mowing, watering, fertilizing, weeding and other dreary grass care tasks!

What to Consider When Integrating Artificial Turf into Driveways

Consider the following factors to come up with the perfect driveway design for your home:

  • Think about placement.
    Synthetic turf may be tough, but it’s not recommended for use on the entire driveway surface. Having to endure your car’s weight and its moving rubber tires every day – often several times a day – can pull and damage the yarn of the synthetic turf’s backing material.

    It’s best to create a design that doesn’t expose the turf directly to the drive path. Often, this means integrating it with hardscape.

  • Integrate artificial grass with driveway hardscape.
    To integrate Boston artificial grass into your driveway, you’ll need to use it in tandem with hardscape. Popular choices include concrete, asphalt and pavers.

    Concrete is durable, easy to maintain and comes in various design options, such as stamping and staining. You can use it to form stripes or geometric shapes and install synthetic turf between its spaces. The vibrant, green grass freshens up the gray pavement beautifully.

    Asphalt is economical and less susceptible to cracking due to frost heaves compared to concrete. It is usually laid down in one large strip, but you can stamp it to set it apart from the plain pavement. Place artificial turf along the borders to soften the overall look.

    Pavers come in various sizes and colors, thus offering more synthetic grass customization options compared to concrete and asphalt. You can install turf between their spaces or around them, depending on your design.

  • Factor in pile height into your driveway design.
    Pile height refers to how high the artificial grass fibers are from their backing. For your driveway, it’s best to pick a type with a short pile height.

    This is crucial if you’re placing the turf between hardscape that gets vehicular traffic, such as if you employed a grid design. This way, even if your car drives over it, there is less risk of the tires pulling the fibers from the backing.

Get Creative with Your Driveway Synthetic Turf Installation

Thanks to the versatile nature of artificial turf in Boston, there’s almost no limit to all the ways it can enhance your driveway design.

You can install it between flagstone and pavers, emulate a stripe design or mimic a grid pattern. Just keep the considerations above in mind for a long-lasting installation.


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