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Dogs Love Synthetic Grass

Between salt air, Bermuda grass weeds, and sandy soil, Florida residents can have a hard time planting and growing a good looking lawn. Some people opt for xeriscaping: removing all the grass from the yard and replacing it with rocks or pebbles. While that can be a stark and beautiful look, it’s no good if you are a dog owner. The pads on a dog’s paws are sensitive, and can become painful and damaged if your dogs is forced to walk over rocks all day long. Replacing growing grass or xeriscaping with synthetic grass is the perfect compromise between a poor growing environment and caring for your pet.

After installing synthetic grass for dogs, Florida homeowners often find that they have little to no maintenance for their yard on a daily basis. Instead of strenuous raking and mowing, the only chore needed is the use of a leaf blower once in a while. Dogs won’t dig through turf, so the lawn looks better no matter how many pups you have in the yard. Weeds can’t emerge, so the lawn looks perfect all the time, and the fine blades of our Golden Bear synthetic grass makes for a dreamy barefoot experience.

Here at Southwest Greens of Florida we pride ourselves in giving homeowners and their dogs a soft, plush lawn. Your furry family members will love running and playing on the turf and you’ll avoid countless hours of yard work in the hot Florida sun. You’ll never have to worry about dirt and grass blades being tracked into the house, and when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, you’ll never even consider going back to live grass again.

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