Easy Grass in Florida | 3 Tips for Easy Maintenance

February 14, 2018
February 14, 2018

While some people enjoy mowing, weeding, and other yard maintenance requirements, the majority of us don’t. If you are tired of wasting a Saturday in the yard, then why not consider the switch to artificial grass. The amount of maintenance that artificial grass requires depends on how much it gets used and where it is located. One thing you definitely won’t have to worry about though is mowing it. Let’s take a look at some tips when it comes to maintaining your easy grass in Florida.

Brush Your Turf

Have you ever wondered how all the blades of grass stay up so straight with synthetic grass? Well, it requires brushing. Brushing can maintain the integrity of the individual blades of artificial grass. The more foot traffic, the more you will need to brush the area to avoid the area from getting matted down and worn out.

Hose Off Waste

Artificial turf is great for pet owners. Pet waste won’t destroy, kill, or irreparably alter your artificial lawn. Rinsing areas where your pet has used the bathroom will keep the turf clean and odor free. If you are concerned with odors, you can use a solution of diluted vinegar to make sure.

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Easily Remove Stains

Sometimes there are stains that require a little more than just a rinsing. Some excellent options are green cleaners, a highly diluted ammonia mixture, or diluted household detergent. You can blot the dirtied area with a sponge dampened with your chosen cleaner. Rub at the stain gently until it lifts, then rinse it with cold, clean water.

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