Fake Grass for Dogs – Here are Five Reasons to Make the Switch

February 23, 2016
February 23, 2016

Fake grass for dogs just might be the answer you need when it comes to having healthy and happy pets but also maintaining a beautiful yard. Animals can do quite a number on your yard. Letting them run around the back yard is a great way for them to exercise and play, but we all know what this does to your lawn. You end up with unsightly burn marks from urine, dug up earth from digging and dead grass and bald patches from the heavy traffic of your four-legged friend…or friends. All of this can make your lawns appear less than inviting. Artificial turf grass can be a safe alternative to saving the aesthetics of your lawn and giving your pets a safe place to play.fake grass for dogs

Here are 5 reasons for switching to artificial grass for your pets

It’s Safe
With artificial turf grass you can stop worrying about your pets coming in contact with chemicals and fertilizers, insects and tics and other things in the environment that can be harmful to your pet.

It’s Durable
Any dog owner who allows their pet to run around their yard will know that the traffic of a pet can take a toll on your grass. The traffic wears down the grass and doesn’t give it enough time to repair itself and grow back to become healthy again. The results: A lawn with brown and yellow spots or patches without grass peppered throughout your yard. Artificial grass for pets is durable and meant to withstand heavy and frequent traffic, which makes it ideal for pet owners.

Forget About Muddy Paws
Rain or shine, your pets need to get outside. Whether it’s a dewy morning or a rainy day, it is likely that your pet is going to come inside with muddy paws and you will either have to clean them yourself or they are going to track mud into the house. Artificial turf does not have dirt, so you will not have to worry about cleaning those muddy paws and the paw prints that result throughout your home.

No More Holes
Dogs love to dig! Since though we want them to have fun, if it is at the expense of our lawns we are not having fun. You can do everything possible to keep them from digging up dirt, but in the end they will find a way. Artificial grass is a preventative way to keep your dog from digging up your yard. After having artificial grass installed you can say goodbye to holes all over your lawn!

Perfect Looking Lawn
The unsightly look of urine burns on your grass is not only difficult to avoid, but it can keep you from inviting friends over to entertain them on a nice summer day. There is no way to avoid spots like this on your lawn unless you take your pet for walks off your property, or switch from a live lawn to an artificial lawn. With turf grass for pets you can rest easy when they go out to do their business knowing there won’t be any burn marks left behind later. Your lawn will always look flawless!

Fake Grass for Dogs – Here are Five Reasons to Make the Switch

With fake grass no one will know you have pets living in your home. Your lawn will always look green and manicured, and you can let your pets roam the yard free without anyway worry.

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