Fake Grass in Miami | 4 Tips for Keeping Your Artificial Grass Clean

October 30, 2017
October 30, 2017

While artificial grass requires a lot less maintenance than natural grass, you still need to perform some maintenance in order to keep the turf looking good and extend the life of it. Here are some tips for keeping your fake grass in Miami clean.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

Just because you have artificial grass doesn’t mean you don’t need to do anything to keep is looking green and lush. You won’t be needed that lawn mower anymore, but you still need to make sure you have a hose, leaf blower, and rake. A stiff brush is also important for scrubbing out any stains.

Tend to Your Turf as Needed

It is recommended that you perform maintenance on your turf at least once every three months. If your grass gets a lot of use you might want to clean it even more often. Also, if something gets spilled on the grass or your pet is going to the bathroom on it, it’s important to clean it up right away.

Where can I get fake grass in Miami installed?

Brush Frequently

Just like natural grass, fake grass blades should be standing upright. The only way to ensure that is to brush the turf regularly. Use a stiff brush to keep the blades upright. Make sure you avoid brushes with metal bristles using the brush with too much force. Too much force can actually damage the turf and make it look uneven.

Use Weed Removal Products

Even in artificial grass, weeds can still pop up. To prevent weeds from popping up and causing damage to the turf, use weedicides.

Are You Interested in Fake Grass in Miami?

Artificial grass requires a lot less maintenance than natural grass. Contact us today to learn more about installing fake grass at your home.

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