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- Fake Grass in West Palm Beach | Fake Grass Is Perfect for Dog Parks

Dog parks are great places for anyone that has a dog or is a dog lover. You can enjoy the outdoors while your dog gets to enjoy running around and playing with no leash. Cleanliness is a concern when it comes to dog parks though. Not just the cleanliness of your dog, but the park and grass as well. Let’s take a look at why fake grass in West Palm Beach is perfect for dog parks.

Feels Just Like Natural Grass

When playing, running around, or even going to the bathroom, dogs prefer grass over any other form of ground cover. A dog can’t tell if grass is real of not based on looking at it. They can, however, tell based on the feel. When it comes to artificial grass, it feels just like real grass.

Is fake grass in west palm beach good for dogs?

Bacteria Free

Given the number of dogs and humans that use dog parks, they can sometimes be hotbeds for bacteria and things like fleas and ticks. The bacteria and fleas can live and fester in the grass and then attack when your dog starts playing in the grass. Synthetic grass doesn’t allow bacteria or pests to live and continue to reek havoc on your dog. Any bacteria or germ that comes in contact with artificial turf is neutralized by an anti-microbial coating that fake grass has.

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