How Does Rain Effect Fake Grass in West Palm Beach?

November 3, 2016
November 3, 2016

Fake grass in West Palm Beach is a beautifully fun addition to any outdoor space, and keeps your home looking well-maintained, no matter the weather.

Gone are the days of artificial grass that looked just like carpeting. Without any drainage systems, the fake grass of old would hold on to rain water, remaining soppy and wet for days.

The artificial turf of today is permeable, meaning it allows liquids to pass through the material. Artificial turf installation from Southwest Greens offers superior drainage, meaning your lawn will never feel soppy!

In West Palm Beach you may be wondering how the rain will affect your lawn if you install artificial turf. Synthetic grass from Southwest Greens is very permeable, and allows the rainwater to flow through the product and into the ground. Drainage systems are also set up to ensure rainwater does not flood the lawn.

In the southwest heat and the sun, turf can heat up. Luckily synthetic grass does not hold onto the heat like rocks or stone would. A rain shower can even freshen up your synthetic lawn and leave the surface temperature cooler.

If your lawn does feel a bit too hot, you can always sprinkle it down with the hose. Rest assured that any water will not leave stains, spots or any unsightly water marks!

Synthetic grass from Southwest Greens is durable, and sure to come out of the toughest thundershowers looking fresher than ever.

When the rain hits, you can be assured your fake grass in West Palm Beach will still be looking fresh! Contact Florida’s largest supplier and installer of artificial turf today!

how does rain affect fake grass in west palm beach

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