A Quality Artificial Lawn in Five Easy Steps

September 4, 2015
September 4, 2015

A quality artificial lawn is not difficult to achieve. Sometimes it is easier to go the traditional route simply because you don’t know what is involved with the alternative options. However, once you see how easy it is to get a quality artificial lawn that is both cost effective and hassle-free there will be no turning back to natural grass! The first step is asking the right questions from those who are experts in the synthetic grass industry because they are able to provide you all the information from cost and maintenance to installation.

Once you have opened the conversation it is time to understand what the process looks like so that you can visualize the difference between the installation of natural lawn and artificial grass. Many individuals are familiar with the first process which requires site preparation using multiple methods, cleanup, grading and draining, irrigation installation, soil and treatments, another round of grading, sod installation, gap filling and finally watering and feeding. In total there are at least ten steps that have to happen over a period of time where the weather can affect the time frame in between the steps.

Five Easy Steps to a Quality Artificial Lawn

On the flip side, the ‘how to’ install synthetic grass can be narrowed down to about four steps which are usually accomplished all in the same day. Like natural grass installation, the site area has to be prepped but in this case crushed aggregate rock is used to help support the installation of base materials which is the next step. Once the technicians are satisfied that the foundation looks good then the synthetic grass is delivered and everything is laid, cut, molded and secured so that the final product is a seamless work of art in the yard. The last step requires the technicians to infill the grass with silica sand (dust free) to help support the turf fibers, weigh down and cool the turf and protect the backing. There is no watering, feeding, cutting, trimming or treatments necessary with the artificial grass because it isn’t living so it never dies. The most amount of maintenance that you will need is a strong rake or leaf blower to get rid of large debris and the best part is that it is pet and kid friendly!

With synthetic grass installation, you don’t have to spend weekends taking care of the lawn instead of working on your favorite hobby. This product is cost effective over the long term, looks great all year round and can be installed by the professionals in a short amount of time so that you are set in just a couple easy steps.

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