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Florida Homeowners Curb Appeal

Home beautification is one way to increase property values, and part of that process is curb appeal. Curb appeal is anything that draws the eye when someone pulls up to a house. The harsh climate of the Sunshine State makes this a challenge.

Enhancing curb appeal can be as simple as putting up a new mailbox or something more rewarding like installing synthetic turf. Florida residents know that high temperatures and humidity don’t make for a lush lawn. Consider ways to enhance curb appeal and improve the look of your property.

Make the Colors Pop
Painting the trim on a house can breathe new life into the structure, and nothing says sophistication quite like a complementary color scheme. One approach is to combine opposing colors to create contrast. A white house looks more appealing with dark trim, for example.

You can also opt for colors the blend well. A home that focuses on earthy decor, such as a mix of a stone face and earth tone siding, does well with a soft trim that doesn’t distract from its features.

Add Some Accessories
Now, enhance the new trim with some chic home accessories. Start by swapping out those old fashion house numbers for trendy ceramic tiles. Put up some flower boxes or freestanding plant containers in the front to add more color contrast. Upgrade your lighting options for something solar-powered too. Solar lights for paths are inexpensive and cost-effective. Plus, they add class to the landscaping.

Don’t Forget the Lawn
A shabby lawn distracts from everything good about your house. Homeowners will improve property values and enhance curb appeal by switching to synthetic turf. Florida heat has no effect on these natural looking fibers. You can add other touches to the yard, as well. A front garden, for instance, can highlight the color scheme of the home with seasonal blooms. Lining the front edge of the yard with a cactus rock garden adds texture without increasing the homeowner’s workload.

Curb appeal matters whether you are trying to sell your property or just want the house to look its best year round. The exterior of a home makes a statement about the owner. If you want to make it a good one, focus on curb appeal.

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