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Maintenance for Synthetic Turf – Florida Homeowners Guide

Southwest Greens has the synthetic turf Florida residents and their families love because of the versatile surfaces and reduced maintenance. In fact, our turf requires minimal maintenance to keep it looking its best. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind.

Brushing and Debris Removal

It’s important to keep the infill on your synthetic turf Florida evenly distributed in high-use areas or if a torrential downpour shifts it around a bit. We recommend brushing the turf with a Harper broom every 80 to 120 hours of use. This will also give you the opportunity to sweep up any debris or leaves that have accumulated. We recommend that you remove leaves weekly to eliminate the likelihood that they’ll get wet and soggy, and thus harder to remove.


Just like your patio furniture or your cars collect dust and pollen outside, your synthetic turf will do the same. Rain will most often wash it off for you, but if you are in the middle of a drought, be sure to rinse it with water occasionally to keep it looking fresh. The dust particles will wash down into the soil below. Be sure to just use a light spray nozzle on your garden hose, and never use a pressure washer. The force from a pressure washer is too high, and it can damage your turf, just like it would ruin your natural grass or garden.

Spill Removal

Although the turf from Southwest Greens is among the most stain-resistant in the industry, it is important to clean up spills as quickly as possible. First, clean the area with a stiff (non-wire) brush. If someone has spilled a drink, such as lemonade or soda, use absorbent towels to soak up the excess, then scrub the area with some simple soap and water. Make sure to rinse the soap thoroughly.  You wouldn’t leave soap sitting on expensive sod, so why leave it on your artificial grass fiber?

Weed Control

Weed seeds float on the breeze and land anywhere. All they need is a place to rest, some water, and sunlight to start growing, and your artificial turf can provide those conditions. You may also find weeds popping up on the edge of your synthetic lawn. You can spray for weeds before they germinate in the spring, or you can spot treat as they come up, since they will be much less prevalent in your turf. Always use a non-colored weed killer.

What Not to Do

  • – Just like with any yard– keep open flames up and away from the fiber, and never flick cigar ashes or put a cigarette out on the lawn.
  • – Don’t park vehicles or bikes on your synthetic lawn.
  • – Don’t use any cleaners or infill materials that are not specifically recommended by Southwest Greens.
  • – Don’t use wire brushes on your turf.
  • – Never hesitate to call Southwest Greens at (561) 694-1557 if you have a question or a problem related to caring for your turf.

It’s as simple as that. Give your synthetic turf the minimal attention it needs, and it will be beautiful for years to come.

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