Florida Synthetic Turf Athletic Fields

February 24, 2015
February 24, 2015

Synthetic turf athletic fields are rapidly growing in popularity for a number of reasons. Southwest Greens of Florida is the official representative of Shaw Sports Turf in Florida. The Meyer Academy recently installed a 110,000 sq. ft. multi-sports athletic field with Southwest Greens / Shaw Sports Turf using Momentum 41 synthetic turf. This is the same product installed at the Baltimore Ravens football stadium. Shaw Sports Turf has many styles of turf specialized for specific sports. For soccer, the best performing synthetic turf is monofilament turf fiber that replicates true ball roll. Shaw Sports Turf has installed many FIFA II certified athletic fields using these turf styles. For multi-sport applications, Shaw Sports Turf offers a hybrid turf product called Legion that consists of both slit film and monofilament fibers of differing color to simulate the look and feel of real grass while maximizing durability. TruHop synthetic turf was specifically created for baseball and is endorsed by hall of famer, John Smoltz.

Pricing varies according to the turf specification which can be customized, game line packages designed for the field and site conditions where the field will be installed. Southwest Greens / Shaw Sports Turf can help design the specification for a particular field to meet a budget. Shaw Sports Turf installed over 240 athletic fields in 2014 and the forecast for 2015 is very strong.

Key factors in choosing a company to install your synthetic turf athletic field are 1) turf product matching the performance desired sport or sports to be played on the field, 2) experience and reputation of the installation and turf provider, 3) local vs. non-local, and 4) price. Often overlooked is the local vs. non-local factor. This is important because when the installer is not local, they fly or truck in an out of state nomadic crew. An installation is only as good as the people doing the work and when they are nomads staying in a hotel being paid by the job, there motivation is to complete the job as quickly as possible and move on to the next one. Southwest Greens of Florida is a local company with full-time turf installers working year round installing artificial turf. Being a local company, they have a vested interest in doing the job right the first time without being rushed or being incentivized to get people out of hotel rooms. They are also better equipped to deal with unforeseen delays that would require downtime and remobilization charges incurred by the non-local installer.

It is important to hire long-lasting synthetic grass installers that have a good reputation when it comes to installation services. People need to check into the quality of the grass being used, as well as the reputation for customer service that the company has. Most people that have had a positive experience with a company will share that information with people they know, so many people rely on recommendations from family and friends to help them choose an installation company.

If a person is new to using artificial grass it may be beneficial to do some research first before they decide on which long-lasting synthetic grass installers to hire. Develop a common specification for turf companies to quote otherwise you may get apples and oranges that are incomparable. Identify the top companies in the synthetic turf athletic field industry and meet with them as part of the research. They will educate the purchaser on the different turf styles available along with the process to get the field installed. Getting multiple proposals from qualified turf companies bidding on a common specification is the best way to obtain the lowest price for the right turf product that meets the performance characteristics for the sports being played. As with any purchasing decision, the lowest price isn’t always the best choice. Getting the best quality finished product at a competitive price from a reputable company is the best choice.

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