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Artificial Turf Golf Courses

Southwest Greens is now building golf courses out of synthetic turf grass.  Primarily used for the golf greens and tees, artificial turf has evolved to play at country club level performance quality.  Nicklaus Design is responsible for some of the most elite and respected golf courses in the world. Southwest Greens has a strategic partnership with Nicklaus Design since 2004 that continues today.  Our custom design program is without equal in our industry.  Professional design expertise is now available to you. With Nicklaus Design paired with Southwest Greens expert installation, we deliver the highest quality artificial grass golf product on the market.

With courses that are both challenging and enjoyable, we create the perfect solution for your golf course needs, whether it is a green for your backyard, or a full course, our projects are endorsed by the greatest golfer in the sport, Jack Nicklaus.

Southwest Greens Golf Solution