Golf From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

April 21, 2015
April 21, 2015

True lovers of golf love to play any chance they get. Since the short game makes up more than half the strokes on your scorecard, practice this aspect of the game is very important. Imagine if you had a putting green in your own backyard! If this idea appeals to you, check out the latest in synthetic turf putting green technology from Southwest Greens. The company has been specializing in building high quality synthetic putting greens since 1996. Their proprietary design process is modeled after the Nicklaus Design process for designing real golf greens. Design is a crucial element to building a realistic and useable putting green. Installation to a design spec makes all the difference in the world in turning out a product that will be the envy of your friends.

Key factors to consider in hiring a qualified synthetic turf contractor are:

  • Design Expertise
  • Installation Crew Experience
  • Base Work
  • Synthetic Turf Materials
  • Reputation, References
  • Follow Up Maintenance Support

It is recommended that you go and visit at least one finished installation from the company to experience firsthand the quality and realistic look and performance of the putting green. Does is accept chip shots well? Does it putt true? Is the speed comparable to your home course?

The cost for a home putting green will vary depending on how large the green is, how complicated the course is, what type of artificial turf is used to build the green, and who is going to install the green. Each installation company will charge their own prices, and the more features that a person adds to their green the more expensive it will be. It is important that a person take some time to checkout out different installation companies before they make a decision on who to hire. Some companies may have more experience than others, while some companies may have a better reputation for doing quality work and providing excellent service.

No matter how easy or difficult a person’s home putting green is, they want it to be a high quality green that has been properly installed. Most people install putting greens in their homes so that they can practice every day and improve their game, and that will only happen if they are playing on a quality green.

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