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Why a Florida Artificial Putting Green is a Good Choice for Your Course

While many purists would insist on only natural grass for putting greens, artificial turf is a much better alternative for many situations. When choosing the right surface for your business, a Florida artificial putting green has many distinctive advantages over natural grass.

First, Florida’s climate is not ideal for grass, and those who will only consider natural turf will fight hot sun constantly. The alternation between rainy, hot summers and dry winters makes it hard to maintain. Artificial turf is far less vulnerable to seasonal changes.

Artificial turf requires far less maintenance on a regular basis. Grass must be mowed, raked and reseeded or resodded when it dies. Artificial turf, on the other hand, while not a no-maintenance option, is certainly a low-maintenance one. You will need to occasionally blow off the turf to remove large debris, just as you would with grass. Periodically, the turf will need a more thorough cleaning to brush fine debris out of the turf. This can be accomplished in-house; we also offer maintenance contracts. Artificial turf also occasionally requires having the top dressing reapplied and the surface rolled so that your putting green keeps its optimal speed.

Artificial turf is a choice that has benefits for the golfer, as well. Live grass putting greens are only as good as the weather and their most recent maintenance allows. Changes in the rate of growth or the most recent mowing can change the speed of the balls hit on that surface. Artificial putting greens, pardon the pun, level the course. We can roll the green to the desired speed so that golfers get more consistent results.

Finally, artificial greens are far less attractive to pests than live grass. Being able to largely eschew pesticides and fertilizers saves you money and is better for the environment. Artificial grass is the smart and carefree choice for your property’s putting green. Talk to us today to build the perfect green for your golfers.

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