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Green Preventative Maintenance

Nothing is as breathtaking as the beautiful expanse of an optimally maintained, artificial putting green on a sunny day in southwest Florida. Although high-quality, synthetic lawns are low-maintenance, they still require professional preventive treatment to keep them looking as new as the day they were installed.

Types of Maintenance Methods

Rejuvenation and de-matting of an artificial putting green by having fibers regularly brushed and aerated.

Professional sweeping of synthetic grass to ensure debris does not infiltrate the infill. Accumulation of moist debris may promote mold growth and deterioration of the fibers that are supported by a strong, silicon sand foundation capable of holding moisture.

Southwest Greens of Florida highly recommends a thorough cleaning and conditioning of an artificial putting green to keep the field as dirt-free as possible all the time. Special industrial cleaners and conditioners formulate to expunge dirt and debris from synthetic grass work well to get rid of grease, chewing gum and other tough problems often affecting the appearance and integrity of a putting green.

If a bad storm leaves large limbs and debris laying on synthetic grass, have them removed immediately before damage occurs to fibers. Have professional technicians inspect the putting green to make sure it does not require additional treatment.

Although the deep green shade of the top-dressing will eventually lose a bit of its luster and start to settle into an infill, owners of an artificial putting green can remedy this situation by having a professional brushing performed and supplementing the existing top-dressing.

Make sure no cigarettes, fireworks, grills, petroleum-based products or devices emitting intense heat get near the putting green.

Getting the Best Golf Games from Maintained Putting Greens

Keeping an artificial putting lawn in optimal condition positively affects the speed and rotation of the ball so that a golfer’s expectation of how the ball behaves after contact with the putter is achieved. Investing in preventative maintenance for a putting green dramatically extends the appearance, life and productivity of any artificial putting green.


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