How to Maintain Your Fake Grass’ Beauty

March 30, 2020
March 30, 2020

If you’ve chosen Fake Grass Miami instead of natural grass you probably know by now that going for synthetic grass will spare you from spending hours outdoors mowing your lawn and you were also able to save money because you don’t need fertilizers and pesticides to keep your lawn looking attractive. However, it’s wrong to think that just because it’s made of plastic you’re not going to care for it anymore. If you want to increase the lifespan of your fake grass and maintain its beauty you need to learn how to maintain and care for it. The good news is that it’s not as tedious as caring for real grass. Let’s find out more. 

How Do You Keep Your Fake Grass Looking Healthy and Green?

Removing Stains

What happens when food, oil, tea, soda, coffee, urine, alcohol get to your Fake Grass Miami? Obviously, the most logical thing to do is to clean it up. However, to make sure it doesn’t leave permanent stains on your grass you have to be prompt this means as soon as you notice the stains clean it right away. Use a dry absorbent towel to remove spilled liquids. After removing the spilled liquid rinse the area with a mixture of detergent and water. Don’t worry, this mixture is safe to use on your fake grass. How about stubborn stains? Well, for cooking oil, grease, motor oil and suntan oil you can still use detergent and water but if that doesn’t work you can try mineral spirits to extract the stain. 

Removing Pet Waste

For homeowners who have pets there’s a big chance they’ll pee and poop on your Fake Grass Miami. If your pets urinated in your grass hose it down with cool water to remove the urine and to avoid stench. If they pooped on your lawn, wait for it to dry before removing it. 

Are You Maintaining Your Fake Grass Miami?

If you need help or assistance or if you want to purchase fake grass, give us a call. At Southwest Greens, we are proud and confident in our ability to provide you with a high quality finished product. This is our promise to all our clients. Our complete warranty covers turf defects and our turf installation supersedes all others. When it comes to quality, our reputation speaks for itself. Get in touch with us by visiting our website to learn more about our products and the services we offer.

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