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November 24, 2015
November 24, 2015

There are those who worked very hard to achieve the perfect looking yard because they want to win the neighborhood contest, have their home or business on the cover of a magazine or just because they take pride in appearances. They spend countless hours during the week and/or on the weekend mowing, raking, weeding, edging and watering just to keep up with the growth in the summertime and to coax it along during the winter period. Financially, this can cost a great deal in lawn equipment, water utilities, replacement soil or sod and other necessary items not to mention the time and energy investment.


As a home owner you may have everything you need to keep the natural yard looking how you want it to even though you are sacrificing your time to do other things but as a business owner this is not a wise use of your resources.

Instead, you need to check out the smarter options of artificial grass or field turf which can save you on all fronts with your home or business looking its best all year long.

The overall cost of field turf is higher per square foot than a natural product but the maintenance and care costs are significantly lower saving you more over the long term. This product can be installed by expert technicians anywhere that the client wishes including the front and back yards, cruise ships, mini golf courses, playgrounds and a variety of other locations that benefit from this product. If you aren’t sure about how field turf stacks up against what you currently have then it is best to sit down with a representative and let them show you a cost comparison. This clearly displays the numbers involved with both natural and artificial so that you can make the right decision for your budget and your lifestyle.

Outdoor businesses and recreation spots have found this product one of the best investments they have every made because it is durable, environment and user friendly and requires little effort to keep it looking great all year long. Check the website out to find the field turf cost today and start working towards your magazine cover as soon as possible.

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