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Increase Outdoor Fun and Safety

Don’t you love hearing your kids laugh as they play outside in your lawn or at the park? As they invest youthful energy into running, jumping, and imagining, you smile and remain grateful for the opportunity your kids have to play outdoors. But is the grass truly safe? Chemicals, insects, and hard ground are three playtime hazards commonly found in natural grass which can be reduced by installing playground turf.

Chemical Contact

To create a pest and weed free lawn, you or park caretakers may spray dangerous chemical-laden pesticides and herbicides onto the grass. These chemicals create a green and lush lawn, but they get on your children’s skin and clothes, which can cause irritation or serious health side effects.

Playground turf stays green and lush year round for many years. It requires no chemicals and offers a safe environment as your kids run through, roll in, and play on it.

Prevents Insect Infestations

You know that thousands of bug and insect species thrive outdoors, and some of those species bite and sting. Fire ants, chiggers, and mosquitoes are three examples of dozens of bugs and insects that live and breed in grass. Bites from these pests cause pain, discomfort, and sometimes disease.

Alternatively, playground turf Florida harbors significantly fewer pests than natural grass does. It prevents insects from thriving, and it protects your kids from uncomfortable and dangerous bites and stings.

Cushions Falls

No matter how safely your kids play, they will fall down. These falls could result in serious damage, including broken bones or concussions. Natural grass offers no cushion and doesn’t flex in the slightest.

Playground turf cushions falls from up to nine feet in the air. The pad underlayment includes flexible shock absorbers. Any fall from even a few feet can be dangerous, but playground turf cushions falls and protects your kids.

Playtime gives your kids the chance to burn off excess energy and enjoy fresh air. Playground turf Florida gives your kids the best possible playtime environment because it’s safe and fun.


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