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Practice Your Putting Skills Indoors

Most golf enthusiasts love to play the game no matter where they have to play. While most people enjoy spending the day on the golf course there may be times where people have to play on synthetic putting greens. These greens may be located at indoor putting facilities or some people even have them installed in their back yards. The great thing about these putting greens is that they are built to exact specifications for the area they are being installed, but they do not have the maintenance upkeep of natural grass.
Synthetic putting greens look and react just like natural grass, and the speed and contour of the green are engineered to a person’s preference. People can choose to have a challenging course built or just a standard practice green. Either way, the course will give a person great feedback on their game.
The cost to have a synthetic green built will depend on the size and type of the course as well as other factors that are specific to the installation site. Most companies that install these putting greens have a standard per square foot price range and the typically the larger the course the more expensive it is. Different courses often require a variation in construction methods and different types of turf. Before having a putting green built it is a good idea to have a couple different companies come to your location to perform an evaluation and then give you an estimate for the project. This is also the perfect time for a person to ask any questions they may have about the building and installation process.
True golf enthusiasts are usually the people that have synthetic putting greens installed. The ability to play any time the mood strikes is a major bonus for the true golf enthusiast, and many of them take advantage of the opportunity to improve their game.

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Artificial Grass With Silica Sand Infill: The Perfect and Safe Solution

When it comes to artificial or synthetic grass, there have been a lot of issues as far as crumb rubber infill is concerned. According to some studies crumb rubber infill is carcinogenic and it can harm humans as well as pets. While studies continue to be conducted and no conclusive results have so far been presented on the link between crumb rubber infill and cancer, there still remain concerns among many people regarding what the truth is.

Regardless of just how dangerous crumb rubber infill is, many reputed artificial turf makers do not use it at all. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry. At reputed artificial turf providing companies, all the installations are done with clean silica sand infill. Such turf installations have multiple benefits. The obvious benefit is that they are safe. Clients can rest assured in the knowledge that these turf installations are safer than those created by competitors as they do not posses crumb rubber infill. Another massive advantage is that these installations are cleaner because silica sand infill is easier to maintain and the grass does not experience any crumbling later on. Moreover, rubber is associated with heating. The use of artificial grass with silica sand infill ensures that it is cooler and it can protect you at the same time.

So, if you are looking to beat the heat, choose a company which provides turf installations with silica sand infill. Certified safety inspectors at reputed companies also check to see that the playground and other surfaces do not suffer from any problems. They also regulate and ensure that crumb rubber infill is not used. Crumb rubber infill is made from recycled rubber tires and therefore they float and make the turf hot. When it rains, the crumb rubber migrates in areas and looks bad when it is dried out. Silica sand infill also protect the artificial grass from harmful UV rays.

So, if you want to buy artificial grass that is safe and sturdy to use, call us today.

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How to Maintain a Sturdy Turf?

AltcheckGreenJupiterFor some individuals, maintaining a sturdy turf is an act of love and pride because they want to have the best looking yard in the neighborhood but for others it is a chore to be endured so they can have the same results. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a beautiful looking yet strong turf without the hassle of the maintenance including the mowing, trimming, watering and reseeding?

If so, then there is a solution that works for everyone with the artificial grass alternative that looks and feels just like the real thing. The professionals that specialize in this product have years of experience and expertise in handling all types of yards for homes and businesses, installing putting greens around the state and even handling floors for sports complexes.

The synthetic turf putting greens that they use is 100% recyclable, safe for pets and kids and requires almost no maintenance to keep it looking great all year long. After an onsite visit to your location, their representatives can develop a workable plan and design that is specific to your situation based on environment, needs, ground and a host of other factors that they take into consideration. This artificial grass does not grow, need mowing or watering and can last for up to 15 years without maintenance making it a lifesaver on the monthly budget.

Another benefit is that you save on your water bill because you don’t have to water what doesn’t grow and you get your weekends back to do whatever you want to do. This means more time playing football with the kids, hosting the neighborhood BBQ, inviting the family over for the holidays or just relaxing and admiring at how great everything looks. So whether you want your own private putting green, a foundation for the playground or an entire new look for the yard, these guys can take care of all your needs for the right price!

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