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artificial green, sport turf, artificial putting greenOver the past 10 years, we’ve completed installations on rooftops of buildings, cruise ships, luxury resorts and every kind of backyard (big and small) that you can think of. Let us know what’s on your mind and I bet we can design a solution for you. Here’s a photo of a backyard that has a little bit of it all (putting greens, bocce ball, and synthetic grass)


If you’ve been wondering why people are going to synthetic grass, please allow us to share the most frequent reasons stated to us. Feel free to comment on your own motivations.

    a) Appearance / Aesthetics – “Everything looks great around my house except my half dead, diseased lawn”
    b) Maintenance headaches – “I’m fed up with spending all this time, money and frustration on my lawn and it still looks lousy”

      c) Drought / Water restrictions – “I can’t keep up my yard with recurring water restrictions placed on me”

        d) Kids Play Surface / Area – “My kids play area is dirty, muddy, buggy, and isn’t safe (meeting fall height requirements)”

          e) Dogs / Pets – “My dogs are tearing up my lawn and bringing dirt into the house”

            f) Lack of Privacy – “I don’t want the landscapers in my backyard anymore”

              g) Green Friendly / Eco-Conscious – “Natural grass requires too much irrigation water, fertilizers, pesticides and pollution emitting lawn mowing equipment to maintain it”
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