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Kid Friendly Artificial Grass

Outdoor play is a healthy and pleasant pastime for children. A real grass lawn, on the other hand, is frequently too sensitive to withstand hard and energetic play. This is especially true in our location, where dry conditions frequently stress natural grass, making it more susceptible to wear and strain.

The good news is that you may enjoy a lush green lawn all year without needing to keep your children off it. Simply contact Southwest Greens to have high-quality artificial grass installed.

Benefits of Artificial Turf for Kids

Artificial grass is a fantastic option for you and your family because:

It’s durable: Artificial grass is constructed using triple-reinforced tuft bind technology, so the blades won’t pull out of the backing even if youngsters run, jump, and play on it all day.

It’s soft: Artificial grass has a very natural feel to it, with soft, non-scratchy blades. We can also add a specific pad to your artificial grass to assist generate additional cushions in your yard and give a gentler landing if your youngster falls.

It’s clean: You won’t have to worry about your kids tracking dirt and mud inside the house or having grass stains all over their clothes after playing outside if you use fake grass.

It’s non-toxic: Artificial grass is composed of the same plastic that bags and bottles are made of, therefore it’s non-toxic. It’s non-toxic and devoid of lead. Your children will not be exposed to any toxic chemicals while playing because no pesticides, fertilizers, or weed killers are required.

It’s allergy-friendly: Artificial grass is allergy-friendly, allowing children with grass pollen allergies to safely play outside. Artificial grass reduces the risk of insects biting or stinging children since it does not attract them.


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