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Artificial Grass – Miami Outdoor Dreams Made Real

Everyone dreams of a beautiful, lush, green lawn, and Southwest Greens has the superior service and artificial grass Miami residents know will look great year after year.

We know how much time and effort you put into keeping your yard looking good. For our neighbors in states to the north, that effort is limited to the warmer months. But in Florida, the expectation is to have a green lawn the whole year because every month is a warm one.  At times, it may seem as if your yard work is never complete.

The time required to keep your lawn looking its best is not the only issue. There’s a lot of money that goes into it as well. In fact, a Bloomberg report estimates that Americans spend a staggering $40 billion on lawn care every year alone. We spend that money with no guarantees that our grass will do what we want it to.

So how can you make sure your lawn looks great all year? The answer is artificial grass. Miami, Orlando, and other Florida residents are all seeing great results– and great savings– by having some or all of their landscapes switched to artificial grass fibers.

Why switch? It virtually eliminates the problems lawn lovers face. Consider the following:

  • – How many times have you had to replace all or parts of the sod in your lawn? How many times have you seen your neighbors do the same? Sod replacement is a common practice throughout Florida. Replacing your sod with artificial grass from Southwest Greens can stop this frustrating cycle.
  • – Do you use a lawn service to spray fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides on your lawn? Or do you do this work yourself instead? A synthetic lawn would end the need for significant chemical maintenance. Really, all you need is a little weed spray for any spot weeds that might pop up on the margins.
  • – Have you ever broken a sprinkler head while mowing the lawn? Has your mower run out of gas at the worst possible time? Imagine the time, expense, and hassle you would save yourself by eliminating the need for sprinklers and lawn mowers.

As you can see, a gorgeous lawn is not the only thing that you can gain by making the switch to Southwest Greens artificial grass. In the end, you’ll have a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood, and you’ll no longer have to worry about your yard getting too much shade or not enough water. You’ll simply get to sit back and enjoy the view.

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