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Install a SYNTHETIC GRASS dog run, golf putting green, commercial turf applications, synthetic grass residential DRIVEWAY, and landscape, synthetic playgrounds and more! Synthetic grass dog runs have been high in demand for years in Naples. Have an idea for another type of fake grass project? We can build you a custom Naples synthetic turf diveway or a beautiful safe synthetic turf playground Find out more at 866-225-4078.  Your synthetic grass project will stand out! Making the Grass greener in . NAPLES

SYNTHETIC GRASS NAPLES, Hot sun and a dry season that spans from October to May can make Florida a difficult place to maintain a healthy lawn.  If you have struggled with dry patches or damaged grass, maybe it’s time to start saving time and money with SYNTHETIC GRASS.  SOUTH WEST GREENS is the premier ARTIFICIAL GRASS & TURF installer in  Naples Florida, and we are ready to change the way you perceive your lawn.

Why Should I Install a Synthetic Grass in My Home?

Keeping your lawn looking green all year requires a lot of time and resources. If it’s not the hundreds of gallons of water every year, then it’s spending large sums of money in fertilizers or pesticides. SYNTHETIC GRASS makes all these headaches go away with a beautiful green surface that is durable and easy to maintain.

Is Synthetic Grass Pet Friendly?

Synthetic grass is not just pet-friendly, it’s pet proof! ARTIFICIAL GRASS and turf don’t attract bugs and do not require fertilizers or pesticides that can harm the health of your pet. These products are also very resistant to wear and tear as they’re made from durable interlocking bolt fibers.

What are the Benefits of Synthetic Lawns?

  • Requires almost no maintenance

  • Looks green all year

  • Saves money on the water bill

  • Prevents weeds and pests

Does Synthetic Grass Get Dirty?

Like anything left outside, synthetic grass is prone to picking up particulates carried by air, but at a much lower rate than the natural alternative. Unlike traditional grass, you won’t see any patches of dirt in your lawn that can easily turn into mud pools. If you own a dog, then you know how stressful it can be to clean up after them after they’ve been running through the dirt, synthetic grass eliminates this issue.

Are You Ready for a Synthetic Lawn in Naples, Florida?

Artificial grass is an investment that pays for itself in the long run. No maintenance, no water, more time for you! Call Southwest Greens today to make the change!


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